Larger Text Size option

I want an option to make the kanji text size larger. My eyes are straining a lot when I look at the list of the kanji and words that I have trouble with. How am I supposed to learn better when I can’t even see the characters clearly. Make an option to increase the text size please.

Even when I zoom in, the text size doesn’t get larger.


Which list do you mean? The list on the kanji by level tab is pretty big, I think.

I’m on my phone right now, so I can’t verify with the desktop version, though.

Can you provide a screenshot so we can see what’s going on?

I’m using a desktop at home, and this is at zoom 100%.

This is better to read at 200%, but still not as big enough as I would like, and I don’t like how if I zoom at this level, the entire wanikani page blows up so I need to zoom in and out from the different pages. It makes it look like a smartphone screen page.

Ideally, if we could have the option to make the text size larger, that would help a lot with discerning the differences between the characters more.

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Imo this should be resolved with responsive ui design

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