WaniKani's crazy font sizes pt 63

Yet another moan I’m afraid, need to keep reminding. Now I’m looking at a kanji page. The idea is to teach me this kanji. I want to see that kanji nice and big, surely? I’m not gonna learn if if I can barely see it. This should be pretty obvious. Here is what I see…the kanji’s about the smallest thing on the page! I can barely see it. The larger similar kanji are from a user script. There is a ton of wasted space on the right. I suggest you make the kanji I’m trying to learn 4 times bigger and put the mnemonics on the right so I can read them while looking at it.


You can see it bigger when you hover your mouse over it. :slight_smile:


By the way, your browser is currently zoomed out on wanikani (far right of address bar icon with magnifying glass), I’d recommend resetting that to 100%, or even zooming in a bit :wink:

(I do agree in general though, I bumped font sizes on the review/lesson summary pages since they’re tiny there)

I am zoomed out, because if I zoom in enough to see this

when doing reviews all I can see is this

And I have a 43 inch computer screen!

But even at this magnification, the kanji page still looks like this

The kanji is still quite small and there is still a vast amount of wasted space there as you can see.

The weird thing is, if I zoom in even more, the huge kanji on the reviews page suddenly shrinks to quite small. I have to zoom in even more to get it looking decent. Then everything on the site is readable, but at this mag some of the fonts are unnecessarily big.

It now looks like this

This should help for people with high res screens:

Install stylish for chrome/firefox and add that style.
Let me know if you want anything bigger/smaller, I pumped kanji/kana quite a lot, mainly on vocab and summary pages.


This thread is funny to me because I actually do things to make the fonts even smaller! I want my kanji to be small because that’s normally how I encounter them in the wild. I was noticing I couldn’t read words that I already knew because they were written small and I didn’t recognize them.


I get that, but when the small Kanji icon has a high stroke count combined with the bold font-weight - a lot of the strokes blend into a block (that you probably wouldn’t encounter in the wild like that).

Also, font-sizes are all about distance from the screen.
Your resolution and viewing distance are likely different from @Franken and his mega-monitor.

Try viewing WK on your TV screen and the characters will likely be indistinguishable.

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Yeah definitely a “your mileage may vary” situation but I agree small + bold do not pair well together. During my reviews the font-weight CSS property is set to normal though so even with font-size set around 1em I can still read it

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I have a large, high res, 34 inch monitor for gaming, and my eyes are thanking you right now for this awesome utility! I thought I was the only one who that the kanji was crazy small.

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I have Jtai installed when doing reviews, so I get practice seeing some crazily written kanji that way, heh.

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You’d be surprised, there are plenty of times when you see kanji in the wild all squished like that so much that it almost blends into a solid block, the best example I can think of off the top of my head is when watching Japanese TV.

yeah that does help, thanks! In fact it has a knock on effect of making the writing visible i the vocab lists if I’m zoomed out, which I usually have to be during reviews. So this might mean I can avoid a lot of zooming in and out.

That was the plan! Let me know if you need anything tweaked.

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will do, looking good so far!

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