Kaniwani's certificate has expired

I can’t open Kaniwani in Firefox because the certificate is no longer valid. And I cannot add an exception because it is using HSTS.
Is everyone else having the same issue ?

Same issue. Chrome Android is the same.

Yep same issue, dang… Was about to do reviews. 

Login page (via site’s IP) is available here:
I haven’t tested the full functionality of the site yet.

EDIT: it works. However you may have to bypass security warnings depending on your browser. You should ensure that the cert’s domain as specified by your browser is kaniwani.com, otherwise you may be susceptible to data theft via MITM, especially if on an untrusted network (but how valuable are your KW credentials exactly?). You shouldn’t really trust random IP addresses posted on forums, but you can find this IP for yourself here. YMMV

Messaged Tadgh about it. He’s probably asleep now though since it’s ~1am his time.
Feel free to use the link provided by jmap, it is indeed the correct server.

What you can do to fix the issue temporarily is to go to your computer date settings and change it to a date in the past.
If you set you computer’s date as February 25th, 2017 (24 hours ago, when the certificate was still valid) the site will work.

Ofc it’s not really good to do it though, since it will make your computer less secure.

Hm, it’s working just fine on my Firefox.

On Chrome, you can bypass this page by typing “badidea” anywhere on the page.

This is generally a bad idea.


Edit: this allows you to navigate to the page, but it doesn’t look like reviews work (most likely the requests made at the end of the review session fail to get through for the same reason).

Everything works fine on Chrome. Well, except warning about privacy issues when you opening page.

Letsencrypt certificate renewal cronjob not running?

As sysadmin in my work said Letsencrypt certificate renewal cronjob is not always working properly, one of the problems of things that are free.

Well I hope you guys all donated to help with server costs since KaniWani is important to you…

EskimoJo said... Well I hope you guys all donated to help with server costs since KaniWani is important to you...
 I sent in $20 a couple of weeks ago. For some reason, I've actually started supporting projects I line these days. I never used to until like two years ago. Everyone give the man a few bucks if you haven't already.