Is the Kaniwani website offline ? Can't seem to log in 4/4/19 3:46 A.M CST

Just wondering if anyone of you is having the same issue.

Thank you.


Yeah, I’m having the same problem. Their TLS certificate expired yesterday, so we won’t be able to use the website until they update it.


Thank you man !

Thank you so much. Looking forward to hearing some news.

Nooooooooooooo! OK (sigh) I’ll wait. Thanks!

how sad… I won’t be able to do my 500 reviews, such sadness has never been experienced before not


Let’s try tagging @Tadgh11 or @Subversity


Anyone knows if kaniwani will be usable again? Or is it that it might be lost?

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They just have to run the letsencrypt cron job manually and it will renew the server certificate in no time.


I hope they do so soon…

This might just be a fluke, but it seems that if you log into the site through firefox/chrome’s private browser it works. Won’t work for me on a normal browser, but for some reason it’s functioning in the private one.

I hope it comes back on line soon!

Hello hi!

Sorry for the delay. Yes Kaniwani is down. Our SSL cert expired, and it looks like the plumbing we have setup to autorenew the certificate failed. That said, I am on my phone at the moment, and won’t be back at a computer until tonight. It will be back up and running by tonight. Sorry again for the delays. Normally I am faster at noticing these things, but my in-laws are visiting, and I haven’t looked at a piece of technology in two days.


Is it a bad move to log in when that red window tells you “this site is unsafe but you may access (not recommended)”?

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That is a risk you can choose to take. The risk is that the site has been compromised and the cert is untrustable, but in reality it was just expired. The site is now online. The cause was the script I have to autorenew the certificate needed a manual approval to do a software update, which it did not receive. (this one is on me). Should be back at it, and I’m reworking the script to allow promptless auto-updates to the software.

Apologies all!


The site appears to be back on line - Yay! (Shame about the pile of reviews…)

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You da real MVP. :grinning:

I still cannot sign in! I forgot my password and when I try to reset it, kaniwani denies the passwords. Is there anything I can do? I’m so confused as to why I cannot reset my passwords.

Everthing’s ok! Thank you

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