Other way around on reviews - english to japanese

So was using this site for a week or so(?) and maybe it’s me problem, but I have a feeling that you sure will learn to read kanji, you will not learn the words as fast as you could. It would be nice that on reviews there would be english words and you would have to write right kanji or hiragana reading (if adding kanji would be too hard right now)

Just a minor suggestion X"D




ah thank you : D

I wish I knew about this sooner, this is super useful!

On a related note, does anybody know if there is a way to make up for the one-to-many mappings of English to Japanese words so when a KW asks for a word, we know exactly which kanji/vocab it is looking for and not get it wrong because there was more than one option? This is the main reason I stopped using KW within a day.

If you don’t want to use KW’s synonym thing, which would lump multiple vocab, you could add something like “not shoujo” to the WK synonyms of “女の子” here at WK, because I believe KW pulls its list from your WK list.

Apologies but perhaps I missed some things along the way… What is the “synonym thing”? And do you mean that “not shoujo” would appear in the review “question” because it is in my synonyms? That is quite useful if it is so.

KW let’s you add synonyms just like WK does. But this effectively bundles multiple words into one prompt from KW (so you could make 少女 a synonym of 女の子 and thus be marked correct even if KW was asking for the other one).

As for the second part, yes, I believe that’s how it works, and yes I believe you understand correctly, though I’ve never done it myself.

I have like 2000 pending reviews on KW at the moment, so I can’t exactly try it efficiently.

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Thanks for the response!
(Also, you’re almost done! :smiley:)

Thanks, but corrected for accuracy :wink:

I’ve only burned about half of the total items.

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Leebo is correct, any meaning synonyms added on WK are shown in the KW question.
Likewise any KW answer synonyms will be accepted on subsequent attempts (adding 少女 to 女の子).

The one-to-many mappings will be somewhat ameliorated soon by showing parts of speech, great for i-adjective vs na-adjective, verb vs suru-verb etc. Not as helpful for nouns.

The greatest trouble is definitely in the lower levels since there are far more multi mappings (girl, father etc), I haven’t added as many KW answer synonyms at later levels since the words are often more specific - but mostly because I padded WK meaning synonyms as I did lessons (which is a beneficial learning exercise as well!)

For example I augmented:
決 “Decision” → “Decision, Vote”
決定 “Decision, Determination” → “Decision, Determination, Verdict, Call”

And they will also show up (soon) as:
Decision, Vote + “Noun”,
Decision, Determination, Verdict, Call + “Noun, Suru Verb”

Adding to WK meanings takes some extra work, but everything I augment I remember better anyway since I’ve spent that little extra time differentiating the words.

Haven’t really come up with a solution for the broad WK meanings like “girl”. We decided against manually adding to WK’s meanings ourselves, since the functionality is already there for users.

I don’t get too bothered if I answer the “wrong” one anyway, if I consider it a match I’ll ignore the incorrect answer and move on. I’m sure there’s some words I’ve answered “wrong” every time but have got them to burned through ignoring. I don’t see this as a problem either, it basically equates to Anki self-assessment if you choose to ignore and believe your chosen answer would have been adequate in a conversation/the context you were thinking of when you answered. Some I just take the hit and let it come back, it’s extra exposure, and only takes 1 second to answer anyhow.


Thanks for sharing the site, I didn’t have a clue it existed and it’s super helpful!! <3

tbh, there were problems with words like woman or round I believe and I just went to word list on kaniwani and locked them, and they just don’t show up X"D it’s not the best solution but still is A solution X"D

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