KaniWani Question - Triangles

On KaniWani, what do people do with words like 三角 and 三角形 which are two different answers for “triangle”. I constantly choose the wrong answer.

You could make them synonyms within KW, which would link them together and give you credit whenever you answer either for either.

Or you could add disambiguating synonyms here that would clue you into which one is meant to keep them separate. So, like “the longer one” and “the shorter one” or something.


Thanks. How do I add add disambiguating synonyms. Is that a note?

Is that KW? I don’t know how much people change their pages here.

I said add disambiguating synonyms here. WK.

For what it’s worth, KameSame.com will by default not make you wrong in cases like this. Rather, it’d tell you neutrally that there was an alternate match.

You could also specify an alternate spelling on either and they would be counted correct.


I’m already a few months into kaniwani. Are there some more good reasons to switch to KameSame?

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Thanks. Should have read it more carefully.

Yeah, if you want the synonym to show up in the KaniWani prompt, you have to add it as a synonym for the answer on WaniKani. Then it automatically imports over.

I’ve been holding off doing that for some of them, preferring to figure out what’s different about them so I just don’t forget one of the words completely. For instance, sometimes you can tell from the parts of speech flags, (noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb, etc). But for some of them there’s no choice.

(and all the “girl” ones, I just ended up removing from the stack completely. Aint nobody got time for that.)


少女 女の子 女子
Not sure there is a significant difference between 三角 and 三角形.

It’s up to you, but the reason I made it was that I couldn’t stick with KaniWani b/c of false errors like this one, and because it didn’t work great on mobile.

KameSame gives you more control over which lessons you pull, has a faster UI for reviews that’s more responsive, and requires you to produce real Japanese with a real Japanese software keyboard/IME. You might give it a try for a day and see if it’s worth switching ¯_(ツ)_/¯


By the way, thanks for kamesame


Taking a look at it.

Is this true?

I think that we shouldn’t be given the answer straight away. Perhaps we didn’t know 大した but now it will be easy and be marked as correct simply because we knew a similar word. Couldn’t there be a “Try again” option without being given the answer?

I guess this is where we add the new spelling?

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Something’s definitely not right. (That light blue color is dedicated to radicals.) I’ll take a look soon

In the first case, I’ve added 入口 as an official alt spelling of 入り口 so both will be marked right.

On the other issues you raise:

  • I understand why you might not want the real answer right away, but there are some cases where a single english word has 20 or 30 different acceptable words, and a person could waste all day guessing them. In practice, it’s definitely important to just tell the user which one we’re looking for or this game gets really un-fun fast. (At higher levels this is why I thought KaniWani was hard to use)

  • On the Mt Fuji item, yes it looks like WK updated their corpus for whatever reason to this spelling:

> Item.find_by(:characters => “ふじ山”).remote_updated_at

=> Tue, 11 Sep 2018 19:32:18 UTC +00:100:

I have updated the Mt. Fuji cards to accept any of ふじ山, 富士山, or 富士さん

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Thanks for the response. I have been giving it another look and it is growing on me. What should we do about words like this:

Do we report them?

This is trickier, because as common as とても is, it’s not anywhere to be found in the WK corpus. This is the reason why my next big feature is probably going to be to add custom cards. That way, とても could become its own card and whether you start learning it or not, it will at least count as a synonym in this case


Just to let you know that after using it more and using kaniwani more, I have decided to go with kamesame. I’m studying burned only so I guess it won’t take me too long to catch up. Only 800 or so lessons to go.


Thanks for the note! :blue_heart::green_heart::sparkling_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart:

And yes. You are right. 700 lessons to go.

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How about words like this: