Just discovered kaniwani

I always seem a bit late in discovering useful stuff on here. Finally stumbled across Kaniwani. I wish I had found it earlier as I now have 21 levels outstanding. Really highlights the problem that being able to read and understand vocabulary is not the same as being able to come up with the Japanese from the English - my WK percentage is around 90% but my KW about 40%!!!

What is annoying about KW is that it is looking for specific words and if you give a correct answer but it is not the specific word being asked for it says you are wrong eg the question was “condition” and I wrote 具合 but KW wanted 調子.

Anything I can do (I am using it on an iPhone)?

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You can add synonyms. So you can make two words synonyms within KaniWani, whereby if you answer with 具合 and they wanted 調子 then you’ll still get credit.

Another option is to add exclusionary synonyms here on WaniKani.

So on 具合 you could add “not choushi” as a synonym within WaniKani. KaniWani will then import that and it will show it when you see the 具合 prompt.

They are waiting for V2 API to be finished to implement the automatic synonyms. As an alternative, you can use KameSame that have that function but lacks others -you cannot ignore an error if you commited a typo, for example-.

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