KaniWani is so much harder!

Ive only just discovered kaniwani and im finding it so hard. literally took half hour to get through 15 vocubulary and i kept reminding myself. I relise that this is on vocab ive only had 1 day and ive now unlocked my other levels so ive got over 650 in kaniwani. its so frustrating as it makes me feel like i know nothing but i guess this great practice and hopefully will solidify that knowledge more. anyone else using it? how you getting on?


I haven’t used it in a long time now, but I think it’s generally recommended to set it to burn only mode. This allows you to actually learn the item on WK before you try to recall it.


Yeahh I gave up on kaniwani real early but it does gets frustrating when you can’t tell whether they want the 女子, 女の子 or 少女 reading for “girl” :joy:


This has made the experiecne much better! i now get vocab ive axtually learnt. thank you very much, great advice :slight_smile:

man i hear you, very frustrating. but despite that i do feel it will help with memorising


Actually, I identify which one do they want from me from list of synonyms :upside_down_face:


yeah but its difficult i feel because there are some word which are pretty mucgh the same


Eh, I keep it at apprentice, and I don’t add user synonyms. I simply don’t give a crap about my accuracy over there, and use it just as solid practice. The synonyms do start to pile up after awhile. Just when I thought I’d seen all the “support” WK had to offer, they throw 2 more at me. So at some point my method is unsustainable, but at lvl 22, I’m still OK.

I do keep a synonym notebook that lists all the sub-meanings of each word like “action” or “feeling”. However, there are a couple words like “love” which have multiple readings and no sub-meanings. I just take the 50/50 on those for now, but maybe I’ll do something about it later.

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Just fyi, kamesame.com/app is much better about synonyms. It’ll be like “You’re right, that does mean girl, but we mean this girl. We won’t mark it wrong, so answer with that girl the next time around”


Setting it to burns only is not really about accuracy, it’s about minimizing the number of reviews. If you keep it at apprentice you’re going to have many more reviews

Sure. And that’s not so bad. The idea that SRS is a replacement for repetition has never really rung true to me. I don’t mind using them hand in hand.

And since it’s vocab only, and only one input per word (reading only, since the meaning is on the screen), the reviews go fast. Plus, since the SRS intervals aren’t hallowed over there (since they’re the same words as WK), I can do them whenever I want. Let them pile up for awhile, knock a bunch down, whatever.

Again, only lvl 22 here, so I can sort of see this won’t work forever, but for now, it’s really improved my accuracy on the WK readings to have that reinforcement.

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I started out doing both KameSame and WaniKani and after a while couldn’t keep up - I’ll definitely use it in the future again once I start burning things! Right now it just took up too much time which I wanted to use for grammar.

I try to be two levels behind at all time at KaniWani. So if I’m at level 5 an WK, I unlock up to level 3 in KW. That works pretty well. Since I started with KW pretty soon after WK I don’t have that many items to go through either. I found that it really helps me solidify many of the words, and that my WK reviews also go easier after I started with KW. It’s a pretty cool feeling as well when you see a word and don’t remember how to say it, so you picture the kanji in your head, and then remember the spelling thanks to the kanji. It really makes me appreciate kanji a lot more!

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Yeah I’m definitely liking kamesame much more for that reason, I can’t imagine how annoying it would be if I got it marked as wrong on those, like for example how I just got 3 different words for limit, with only 1 of them having an extra meaning.

As for the topic, it is definitely a lot harder, but I feel it really does so much work that i’d almost consider it a must to go with wanikani as it made it so much easier to remember things. I do wish I had found out about it earlier though, I think i started around level 16 or so with kamesame and going through all that at first was pretty tough.

The problem I have with KameSame is it tells you the answer when you enter a synonym. I’d much rather have a “This is correct, yes, but we’re looking for something else. Please try again.” message. Just because I can remember one of the synonyms doesn’t mean I can remember the word itself. I haven’t used it in a while, so maybe there’s an option for that now, but that’s why I ended up preferring KaniWani. The “option” there is to spam the ignore button.

KW/KS are hard because they force you to remember things that WK tells you for free, like Kanji order (is it 例外 or 外例 ?), number of Kanji (じんがく for 人類学 is obviously wrong on WK, less so on KW) and okurigana.

is kaniwani down for anyone else?

Yes, for everyone. They forgot to renew a certificate. It will be up again when they renew it

It wasn’t that i forgot, it is that the auto-updater blew up when it needed a manually approved software update. Reworking the script so it doesn’t happen again. Sorry for the downtime!

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I just started a little bit ago too.
Yeah, it’s a lot harder, which is great.

(or rather, it’s not so much ‘harder’ as it is ‘unfamiliar’)

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Hi Joesan, can you tell me how to input Kanji into kaniwani. I have my input set to Japanese input which works for all other programs, but I keep getting Romanji .
Thanking you Pamela.