Kaniwani Major Update: 1.3.4!

Thanks for the details! I got it to work and it seems to do the right thing. I just load on all pages now and check the URL. Maybe there is another way, but it works anyway :slight_smile:

It is also tricky to detect that a new question is visible, I use a MutationObserver, and having no identifiers makes it a bit challenging because the changes depend on the content as well. I don’t know how KW works exactly, maybe there is some simple event to listen to instead?

I’ll just add some data-attributes to make life easier for you and mempo.

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@acm2010 @Mempo

I’ve peppered in some data-attrs with the latest settings update.
data-ruby will appear for any words with furigana on top, which should only be in the answer area on quiz pages but best to limit to the data-answer wrapper anyway (and you can mutation observe that or the question).

var primaryQ = document.querySelector('[data-question-primary]').innerText;
var secondaryQ = document.querySelector('[data-question-secondary]').innerText;
var answers = [...document.querySelectorAll('[data-answer] [data-ruby]')].map(node => node.dataset.ruby.split(' '));

  "primaryQ": "To Meet",
  "secondaryQ": "To Encounter, To Meet Up With",
  "answers": [

Hmm, this probably doesn’t include user-added answer synonyms.
Do you need access to those?
(WK meaning synonyms are already in the secondary question text).


Is there any method to skip lessons in KaniWani in it’s entirety? I go through the lessons in WK and would like to use KW just to do reviews EN>JP. I’m only level 6 on WK but I have 300+ lessons on KW I have to plow through before I can review them. I haven’t seen anything like this in the settings, but would sure save a lot of time.

Even if lessons were removed, you would still have to wait 4h for the first SRS interval, so you wouldn’t be saving time. Lessons on KW work pretty much like the Quiz on WK.

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It still feels like I have to ‘unlock’ everything. To me it doesn’t matter in what order I get my reviews, as long as I get everything I’ve had appear on WK so far.

I understand this isn’t a big deal, and I will just go through the lessons nonetheless. But I’d still prefer to not have to.

Before the last KW update, you could only unlock items by level. Which means that the moment you’d learn them on WK, 12h later they’d be on your reviews on KW. But this was dangerous, because you had no control, so they would just pile up and become unbearable. Also, if you had skipped a level, the only way to do those items was to unlock an entire level, which means that you’d get 100+ vocab right away. It was a mess to deal with all that.

I agree that lessons on KW do feel a little weird, mainly since you jump right to the Quiz… but they’re there to prevent the above issues I mentioned :slight_smile:

Not necessarily. You could (and still can, I believe) choose to only review items on KW that have reached a certain SRS level on WK. For example, you can choose to only review items on KW that you have burned on WK. I had mine set to Enlightened items only, previously, and that was great for me. So I still prefer not having to do lessons on KW, personally. I’d rather the reviews pop up once the items on WK have reached my preferred SRS level. :woman_shrugging:

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Yeah, good point. I was just talking about the default settings xD



This question probably gets asked a lot, but I haven’t really been able to find it, so I’ll just try it this way.
I just started using KaniWani, and I’m already at level 29. However, KaniWani starts at that level with lessons. I really want to improve my vocabulary starting at level 1, but this does not really seem to be an option. Will I ever get my lessons from level 28 or lower in KaniWani? Or is this impossible?

EDIT: I found it! It’s under Vocabulary.

Another small question, what are the small subway like sections in the info section of vocabulary?

Heya, I’m not a KW expert, but might be able to help.

Is the issue that you want to start at level 1 and work your way up? You can manually lock all of the later levels by going to ‘Vocabulary’ in the top-right and clicking on the lock symbols.

Given that you’re so advanced in WK, you might also want to consider setting up KW to unlock items only as you burn them in WK. That will probably give you a more reasonable number to start with, and you won’t have to control the pace of new additions manually.

Edit: oh drat, you just found it :joy:

Do you mean the pink and blue lines? They give you information on the pitch accent of the word.

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Ah! Thanks for the bunch of information!
Also a very good tip about the burned items. I will however first just import the first five levels or something to make it more managable, before automatically doing burned items.

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No problem!

Hope you get it working well for you ^^


I just started using KaniWani today. It is worrying but helpful to know my recall for so much vocab is so patchy, Thanks a ton KaniWani!

Edit: When I say “so much vocab”, I got 81% for accuracy after unlocking all 309 vocabs from WK in one hit, still a shock to see how poorly I fared though. :smiley:

The only way to go from here is 上.


I just started using it and I love KaniWani… most of the time.

But just now I got caught by this:

Since 女子 and 女の子 are synonym, it should work in both cases in my opinion.

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As far as I know, they are wairing for API v2 to be final to implement synonyms.

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They kind of are and they kind of aren’t synonyms, the way that “girl” and “young lady” are different senses of the same thing. Japanese Stack Exchange has more.

The KaniWani Synonym Issue is a thing, but personally I’m not treating KW reviews the same as WK reviews. Synonym clashes I ignore/retry at first, but I make an effort to learn the difference over time. On the other hand, any honest typo (e.g. “yasimi” when I even say “yasumi” aloud as I’m typing it) is something I always ignore/retry - I gain nothing from blocking myself there.

Wrong vocabulary appearing in the KaniWani incorrect items…

In two recent sessions at KaniWani, I missed this question: You → お前
In my reviews summary under incorrect items, it shows a different vocab word with the same meaning: 貴様

Not a big deal, but I thought I would mention it. Thanks for a great tool!

Never mind. I see the reason now. The synonym issue is a tough one to solve in an effective way.