Kaniwani Major Update: 1.3.4!

First of all, ive been using KaniWani for a while now and I love it, thanks so much! This question might have already been asked before, but I was thinking whether some kind of useful-vocabulary-only would be possible to add. I know that determining “usefulness” is pretty arbitrary, but I feel that there is a pretty legit consensus about most words. I don’t fault Wanikani for teaching me uncommon vocab, as it reinforces the kanji readings, but for Recall specifically, I’d want to focus on which words I would actually be able to use in conversation, if that makes sense?
For example, there are lots of words in Wanikani that native speakers will tell you “No we don’t use that”, as well as many vocabs with the same meaning, of which most likely, 1 or 2 are the most frequently used. Like 幼児、児童 and all the other words for children, while most people will be satisfied with using 子供 instead.

This is just a first thought, so I havent researched whether anyone has a list of useful-only vocab from wanikani, but maybe something would be possible?

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This could definitely be implemented pretty trivially, as we already maintain a list of tags on vocabulary. If there were some sort of list I could pull from, that would be great. If you find something like that, I wouldn’t mind implementing the feature.

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Hi. I’m not sure of this is the right place for kaniwani bugs, but here goes.

I noticed that there is two “Triangle” and both requiers a different answer.
Other “triangle” is 三角 and the other “triangle” is 三角形, but there is no indication which one is the right answer for which “triangle”, it just reads “triangle” on both of them.

You have a few options. You can add meaning synonyms on wanikani (they will transfer over to kw) in order to differentiate them. You can hide one of the vocabulary on the vocabulary page (so you will only see one of them), or you can hit the little x on the answer bar when you get an answer wrong, which will allow you to retry, without recording a failure.

Sorry about that! With the v2 rewrite, i am adding a leniency slider for this type of thing (similar kanji in the vocabulary, or near-identical meanings)

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Hewo I want to register to Kaniwani

When I tried it requires an API key, but I dont know what that is…

Could someone please help me with this?

Thanks ^-^

Go here: https://www.wanikani.com/settings/personal_access_tokens

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I didn’t understand what I have to do.

I read it all, and still keep on doing it wrong.

Go down to where it says: API Version 1 Key. Copy that and put it into KaniWani.

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That’s what I kept on doing, but it said that it was ‘invalid’.

I did it again and it works now !

Thanks! >v<

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Hey all, just a heads up that during some downtime one of our services didn’t ocme back quite as cleanly as expected. This would look like reviews that just never showed up. I’m working on it at the moment, but if you go check your page now, the reviews should be present.

Sorry about that!


@Tadgh11, on a mobile device, if the delay between answers is set to 0 seconds, can you make the keyboard persistent? Thank you!

P.S. Can you have KaniWani review on the hour like the graphs show? WaniKani and KameSame both have implemented this.

first, i would like to thanks the Kaniwani’s developers for taking the intiative to test and train our english-to-japanese skills.

I am just starting, so I have to newbie questions:

  • how can I reset my kaniwani status? I would like to wipe my SRS progress (0 planned review, 0 lesson taken).
  • I am trying to use the [i] shortcut to ignore a mistyping, but it does not seem to have an effect. In this thread hear, people are suggesting something should rotate, and the bar should turn from red to yellow. But this has not been the case for me. I am using Firefox 68.0.2, are shortcuts working in it?


ps : can WK or KW propose a quizz to test kana-to-english comprehension skills? Many times, manga and such are using full-kana word-spelling, without kanjis. Also, it could help for listening comprehension.

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Heya, you can head to settings and hit the reset button while selecting a level, which will delete all your srs info below the given level. Note that you will have to go back to the Vocabulary page and unlock the levels you want to unlock afterwards. Regarding the ignore functionality, I’ll let @Subversity chime in here. Interesting idea with the Kana, we’ll chat about it :slight_smile:



I think keyboard persistence was a tricky issue, but i’ll let @Subversity chime in.

Does this actually occur? Back in the day Wanikani was on a 15 minute SRS interval if I recall. Has this changed? Is it documented anywhere you know of? We certainly could change it, if that is the case

regarding the reset step. Now I understand that status and lessons are certainly reset, but the reviews remains in the pipe. I am fine with this.
The remaining issue is why the [i] or [/] shortcuts. I did see any cross icon either.

Yes, here’s the proof.

You can find SRS intervals in @jprspereira’s guide.

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Is there a way to do this: Do not review KW levels above master but then have them show up again once burned, basically just avoiding enlighten rank. I think this is a good idea so vocab’s are “properly” burned in WK in a sense that you actually don’t get reminded of them for the next 4 months through KW. Once burned in WK, you’ll pick up where you left off in KW.

I hope this made sense and sorry if this was already suggested.

Sorry, no support for this at the moment. Make an issue on the github page and we might get a chance to consider it

https://github.com/Kaniwani/kw-backend/issues/456 Issue created.

Seems like the site is partially down?
My reviews aren’t loading, and the progress I was making on this morning’s session seems to be lost

Or is it just me? :thinking: