Kaniwani Major Update: 1.3.4!

Not sure if this has already been posted, if so - sorry! On iOS Chrome browser the tags for 上げる are showing for both transitive and intransitive:

Pretty sure it’s only transitive?

On mobile, the “you may be experiencing connection problems” popup obscures the definitions, and can’t be made to go away except by waiting for the several second timeout. Also multiple of them stack on top of each other. It’s kind of infuriating and I wonder if it couldn’t just be turned into a little unobtrusive hourglass icon or something.

Unfortunately, 上げる has a ton of meanings, and some of them are in fact intransitive, according to jisho.org. Good news is, 上がる, while also holding a ton of meanings, is only ever intransitive. So if you see the hint that has both, it wants the げ.

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I can see how that would be annoying. Though, those messages appear if submissions are failing. So in a way… having to wait for them to clear may give your conn. time to catch up. Not entirely sure what the best way forward would be.

Does this happen to you a lot or were you on a train / somewhere with sketchy connection?

Airport. The reception was sketchy, but seemingly good enough that it could catch up every few minutes at most. It’s not an everyday occurrence, but on the other hand when I’m traveling is when I have the most free time with nothing better to spend on than reviews.

I’m not sure if it’s the right place to ask this, but what’s the smart way of handling words like “mother”, which could be both「母」and「お母さん」?

I type in more concrete definitions in the ‘synonyms’ field in WK to differentiate these words when they come up in KW. In your case, for 「母」it’s the one that you’d use to talk about your own mother to others outside your family. But when you’re talking to yours at home or when adressing someone else’s, in order to be polite, you’d use「お母さん」。It’s too bad that there are a bunch of synonyms down the road that need to be properly researched on your own, because it’s very often not explained what the differences are. Sites like “hinative” usually help. It may consume a lot of your time once in a while, but on the other hand the deeper you dig the better you memorize the word. I manage so far. So, 頑張って!

I understand looking up the differences, but is there a way to make it ask the answer based on those differences. Can I change the “Older Brother” to something like “Older Brother (formal)” and “Older Brother (informal)”? Otherwise the only solution I see is to add the synonym to each one of them and just pick whatever I want when I see “Older Brother”.

Edit: I just answered that one and both「兄」and 「お兄さん」were included as answers. I’ll do the same for “Mother”, I guess.

I found your answer weird so I think you didn’t get what he meant. KW has a feature that imports WK synonyms. So if you have the synonym “Older brother (formal)” ON WK this will be displayed as first meaning on KW.

Oh! That makes more sense. My bad. Thanks a lot to you two, @Welteam and @mwayy.

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Have you guys ever thought about adding a reorder option to the website? In this case, it would serve to merely order lessons/reviews by level.

Reason: A lot of people struggle with coming back to Kaniwani. When they do, they have hundreds of lessons/reviews to do. If we could order by level, we could target them by level and making the process a lot less painful organizational-wise.


Good idea:



Would there be any way to separate out the srs for answering with the reading / kanji, or let you answer with both at once? (Maybe you could let me have another account? :caught_durtling:) I can never decide which would be more useful to answer in… If I answer with the reading, sometimes I’m thinking of the wrong kanji and vice versa. :thinking:

You are free to create another account with the same API key!

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I’ve been using kaniwani on android for a number of months. Recently while using it I find the keyboard keeps refusing to automatically open once I advance to a new item. It also constantly disappears while I’m trying to type an answer. I have to keep tapping in the answer box to get it to come back up and it is very slow to appear and is just as like to disappear again before I get my answer in. I never have this issue with anything else it seems, just kaniwani. I’m incredibly frustrated and not very tech savvy, any advice would be appreciated!

I created a userscript that displays an extremely blurred version of the answer in the reviews question to give you a better idea what is expected, like this:

I need to listen to changes in the DOM, and everything has seemingly autogenerated names like div.sc-dliRfk.bsdHG.

Are those class identifiers static and the same for everyone, and does this every change, for example when the CSS is updated?

There are no ids anywhere, so it’s hard to detect changes and add content to the right spots. [If the classes stay the same the script seems to work now.]


Classnames are generated, they’re subject to change so not safe to rely on.

You could look at small discussion here [Userscript] Kaniwani Anki Mode and mempo’s userscript to see how he targets answer info.

Or I could add a few specific ids if needs be.

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Hi @Codelle sorry for the missed reply. It’s best to contact us through the KW website.
At the time when you posted your comment mentioning “recently while using…”, we hadn’t/haven’t changed anything for a few months. Are you still experiencing problems?

The keyboard will disappear after your answer is marked correct/incorrect so you can interact with the info panel, add synonyms etc. It shouldn’t open/close while you’re typing though, that doesn’t sound good.

If you send a message through kaniwani.com/contact we can continue via email.

Thanks, I added the functionalty to the lessons and started seeing some problems, I will get the elements by position. Is there some easier way to get the content of the current question, like looking at $.jStorage in WK?

The page is also not playing so nicely with Tampermonkey, it doesn’t really detect page transitions, for example if you go Dashboard > Reviews by buttons the script is not loaded although the URL matches, it seems like the page transitions are done in a special way? If you reload on the reviews page the script is loaded as expected. [I’m using the script on any KW page now to avoid the problem.]

(Also, the classnames change depending on the same pattern (names I use for reviews work for lessons only after reload), I don’t really know what is going on there.)

No easier way than getting the innerText via node position (or getElementById if I add some).
KW isn’t really set up for third-party manipulation.

Not sure how Tampermonkey determines page changes, if it’s hooking into page loads technically there’s only one when you enter the app - then routing is handled internally. window.location and browser history are updated on page changes though. You can just run across the kw domain like you are and check at the start of your script.

if (/lessons|reviews\/session$/.test(window.location.href)) { 
  /* do your stuff */ 

Hmm, actually you might have to listen to https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Events/hashchange and/or https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Events/popstate
I would have thought tampermonkey has something available for you to use instead though - maybe check their docs about working with single page apps?

Ignore the classnames, they won’t help you :upside_down_face:
If you’re simply curious you can read medium.com/styled-components/how-styled-components-works-618a69970421

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