Kaniwani Major Update: 1.3.4!

Ah, I see. I assumed it meant they would arrive from 11am, or at least from half 10.

Still doesn’t explain the bars sliding around, but never mind!

(also @Antigone)

Nah, I just had no idea what I was talking about. And/or there’s a bug that I misinterpreted as a feature.
My settings are “only review items above apprentice” and sync with WK.
I think I got lessons for stuff I just burned when the burn happened… (At least, I have some level 1 stuff in my queue as well) :confused:

It seems like in a span of ~10 hours I’ll get 500+ reviews. Like this morning at 2 Am I got it down from a bit over 1000 to a bit over 500, but then when I got home around 12-1 Pm there were over a thousand again. Is this normal? Is there a way I can slow them down?

Lock some levels, is pretty much about it. Did you unlock a whole whack of levels at once?

Like 13 of them, yeah.

Did they all move into lessons?
If they moved straight to reviews, then something is wrong.

Basically: unlock level -> all the items appear in lessons and you can move them to normal review queue when you want (by getting correct in lessons).

Keep in mind the SRS is separate to WK - so if you unlocked thousands of items and moved them all to reviews… then they’re only at SRS 1 (4 hours) and yes, you will be getting thousands of reviews in 4 hours time.

Does that help at all?

Yes, thank you. I just wish it worked a little different honestly.

You can also set to “burn only”, then you’ll only review items in KW that’s already burned in WK.

We give you complete control over how to add old (below your joining level) words to your queue.
I’m not sure how you’d prefer it to work - we intentionally don’t start new users with thousands of words.
I’d recommend locking all those levels < 16, and just unlocking one a week perhaps.

Or like @plantron suggested, you could change the “Only review words above WK rank ____” in settings, so anything below that WK SRS will be filtered out. This is the easiest solution with your 1000s of reviews, just set that to master or enlightened and your reviews should decrease dramatically.

But locking the levels resets them, what I’m saying is I would prefer it if it kept the progress.

Is there any way to force sync with WK? I keep seeing items that I’ve added synonyms to on WK that haven’t been updated on KW, and it’s definitely been more than 12hrs.

Logging out and logging back in should force a sync. Let me know if that works :slight_smile: If not, I will poke around for you

Actually… this prompted me to try something out. I just had a look at the code. Looks like there’s been a bug with porting over synonyms for ~4 months. Thanks for the heads up! Patching it now :slight_smile:

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Ooh, glad I could be of use! :slight_smile:

Is that something that only affects some items? Because I feel like at least some of them worked within that time frame (though I could be misremembering when I added them).

Yes, some scenarios could cause the synonyms to successfully sync. I’m deploying the fix as we speak so your syncs should be much more successful soon.

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This looks amazing! I don’t think I’ll be using it quite yet, as I have only been doing Wanikani for about a week and don’t want to mess with the SRS system, but once I have items burned I’m going to use this for sure. Great work!

Story time! (I hope you don’t mind, I just wanted to put this somewhere)

I was away from my computer earlier today, and thought I’d see what KW was like on the tablet while I wasn’t doing anything. I had my handwriting keyboard up I so tried doing the super hard mode of directly writing the answers in kanji, and as one might expect it was pretty difficult - I was having trouble remembering the kanji used and the order they were in, on top of not being able to properly recall a lot of the kanji in the first place (I usually answer with kanji on the computer, but it still uses the kana to type so it’s not really testing the kanji that much). After a few questions I gave up, with something like 50% accuracy. I then spent the rest of the day writing every kanji I’ve learned on WK into a notebook, and making / finding quizlet sets to test my handwriting for each level of kanji I was having problems with… and this is the result! (I’m pretty tired atm otherwise I would have kept going)


I’m pretty chuffed with myself rn, ngl :grin:

For reference, I’m only up to lvl 8 / 9 on KW - so I’m about four levels behind WK at this point.


Noice! :100:

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Is there an “ignore answer” button add-on somewhere? I couldn’t find it

It’s built in.
Press I or / on desktop
Or hit the X icon on the left side of the answer field.