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Hello everybody.
Is there anybody having problem with Kaniwani login? Thanks

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Kaniwani has been having a few problems lately. Please check its main thread:


We should be out of the weeds now. One of the most hilarious bugs I’ve ever encountered >_>


Thanks for the quick follow ups.

I have a question for you and for @jprspereira:

Context: I tried Kaniwani about a month ago. Felt great and it actually made sense to me, I have been learning how to recognize and enunciate the kanji but sometimes I don’t know how to “create” them from either English or Spanish in my head. KW seems to aim to solve that.

Time considerations: WK already takes too much time per day for me (1 hour on the morning, 1 before lunch, 1-2 before bed, every single day), I’m averaging 8.5 days on each level (with 0 scripts or reordering).

Adding KW on top of WK and on top of my parallel grammar studies (Human Japanese, Tae Kim, Yuta) seems too much.

Ask: Would you recommend to retake KW once I reach higher levels ? (30-40?). How would that use case be? Would I need to start from that level or would it be better to start from scratch (should be easier in theory since I would have burned-learned a lot of things already in WK).

Sorry for the long message, and thanks in advance.

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Kaniwani has in the settings the option to not have you review on items that are below a certain SRS level on WK. A lot of people have this setting on burned items, meaning that they’ll only start reviewing on KW content that has been burned on Wanikani.

This might solve your problem in the future, allowing a certain balance between platforms.

I believe the setting is this one…? (go to settings on KW)



Fantastic reply as always, thank you! This approach would certainly reduce the daily impact.

Would you still recommend to wait until I’m more mature here in WaniKani?


If you make it as Burned, you won’t have to worry about KW for at least 6 months so… :wink: Enjoy this time to invest on other resources :muscle:


Thanks man, you are truly a Subject Matter Expert


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