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Good news, I think I found the source of the error after adding some extra bug reporting. Please try again ~5 minutes and the bug should be fixed

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Happy to say it’s now working perfectly. And thanks for fixing it before my reviews piled up too much! Liking the new format, and thanks for your hard work.

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I think there may be a minor issue with the new summary screen. I made a mistake during a review and I saw that the incorrect vocab hab a little green arrow on it, just like some of the ones for which I answered correctly.

I guess it was supposed to have a red arrow pointing down to show that its ranking went down?
I use firefox 64.0 on windows 10.

And by the way, thank you for creating and updating KameSame, it’s great!

Also, this is my first post on on WK, so hello everyone!

LOL, that should probably be a down arrow, huh?

Will look at that tomorrow, thanks!

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Fun side-announcement: I just open sourced a significant component from KameSame’s codebase: the home-grown library responsible for communicating every flashcard answer and response over websockets (via Ruby on Rails’ ActionCable).

For anyone interested, it’s in an npm module called sockem and can be found here: https://github.com/testdouble/sockem


This should be fixed now, thanks so much for pointing it out!

Edit: nevermind, totally not fixed. I’ll have to dig in tomorrow

Edit 2: nevermind, totally fixed

Hi there !

My Wanikani subscription is soon running out, and sadly I don’t think I will renew it as I have burnt everything a while ago and the life time sale probably doesn’t really make sense anymore…
Now I am thinking about using KameSame to reinforce the recall side of the force :slight_smile:
So my question: KameSame should still work even when my WK subscription expired, shouldn’t it?


I honestly have no idea. I haven’t tested it.

Hey Searis,

I like your website and the changes you’ve made recently… except for one. Is there any chance we can have a settings option to turn off the XP message every time we enter an answer? I like everything else but for some reason that thing drives me bonkers.

Yeah, that’s a good point. I’ll add it to my todo list

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Preview of coming attractions (video): https://twitter.com/i/status/1077329894776991745

Haven’t dug deep into KameSame yet, but this keep happening and its frustrating.
Reading says する verb so I include suru (all the time for consistency)
However, some words say する verb, I include it and the app tells me I meant the same with but without する

With this being said, has anyone mentioned/made an “ignore answer” button?
Being able to ignore answers like these would be way more convenient than going through every word waiting till I get it wrong for not including suru (or vice versa).

Otherwise, this has been fun so far!

Thanks for posting! Addressing your two points:

  1. No ignore button yet and I’m personally not a fan of having one. I hit 60 in WK without one and just took my lumps when I unfairly missed a thing, because I can’t be trusted with the judgment call (this is not me saying I’d never implement one)

  2. The part of speech that WK sends over the API (suru-verb) is indeed misleading, since what they really should say is it’s a verbalizable noun. What I’d recommend in the short-term is to remember that all wanikani verbs start with "To ". Every single one. In the meantime, I’ll add translating that part of speech to something less misleading to my backlog

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Major Update #5: Levels, experience points, and updated home page

I spent most of my holiday break working on KameSame. 7 days and 71 commits later, I’ve merged in the XP system I’d been hoping to build since I first started work on KameSame in May.

Here are some highlights:

  • Introduce a new level system. If you’ve been using KameSame, you already have a level, and now when you login you get to see what it is! There are currently 100 levels in the app, and reaching level 100 means you’ve burned the vast majority of content from WaniKani.
  • You level up by earning XP during reviews
    • XP is rewarded for each correct answer (exact or reading) that reaches a new maximum rank for a given item. For example if you get 大体 to SRS stage 4 for the first time, you’ll get roughly 20XP, but if you get it wrong on a subsequent review (SRS rank 3) and then correct review (back to SRS rank 4), you won’t earn more XP.
    • You get an inline XP notification animation each time you answer correctly. This can be disabled in settings if you find it distracting or unmotivating
    • Higher SRS ranks award more XP than lower ones
  • The home page is completely redesigned. It now shows your current level, a number of statistics, and noteworthy items. Those are:
    • Started studying - lessons you completed most recently
    • Frequently failed - items you get incorrect in reviews most often
    • Reading reliant - items for which your correct answers are most often via the hiragana reading as opposed to the exact kanji
    • Likely leeches - items where you most often answer with an alternate match before ultimately getting it right or wrong. Items with lots of synonyms will show up here, as will items you might have a leech between two items
  • Tons of little bug fixes to the SRS system and the stat tracking already in place

I’m sure there will be a few bugs here and there, but overall this is a massive release and I think it dramatically improves the usefulness of the app. Enjoy!

Home page:

Animated review summary page:

XP + SRS rank notification during reviews:

New setting to hide animations:


Looks good. Thanks. Here’s my page:

Do you have plans to add other features?

Thanks! Yes, I plan on implementing 2 or 3 more really major features. I also have about 50 items in my backlog, most of them small bug fixes or tweaks

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Are the major features a secret?

Yeah, I don’t like talking about work I want to do, because the sense of having committed to others both anchors me from changing my mind if I get a better idea and demotivates me, because it feels like a job.


Hello! Just joined the WaniKani community recently and chanced upon your KameSame application. Saw that there are updates to the website today. However, I can no longer find the time remaining to next reviews. Has it been removed?

Yep, it’s still on the review page. You just have to have 0 reviews available and more than 0 lessons completed

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