Does KameSame have an API?

I would like to be able to query if I have any vocabulary to study in without having to open a browser.
Is there any API for KameSame?

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Hey JeromeLefebvre! Another forum user may have an answer for this, but it could be useful to pose this question on KameSame’s developer thread. The Dev still actively monitors it and answers questions there and they will most likely get back to you or someone who uses KS will be able to tell you! :+1:

Also, welcome to the WK forum!

-Nick at WK

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Indeed I do! Unfortunately KameSame does not offer an API for users to access. Sorry!

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If you really, really wanted to have some sort of api, you could probably make one for this yourself trough the same channel that regular users access the site. Have whatever tool you want to use the api with make a GET request for the home page and extract the number of reviews from the resulting bit of html. This might take more than one request due to authentication, but there are libraries for this kind of thing in most major programming or scripting languages.

Thank you for the input.
I wrote on what I was attempting to do with if there was a KameSame API here:

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