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Unfortunately, I am still unable to see it. I have tried on Chrome for both Android and on PC. Also, I am unable to complete my reviews today. I have tried to finish up the reviews that I have. Upon finishing the very last item of the review, I was brought back to the home page but the number of reviews remaining is still the same and not updated. It was fine for me yesterday though.

Anyone else having issues with the site? I’ve got a review session of 8 items which I’ve done like 20 times, but they just won’t go away. :@

Sounds like you and @PandoraLock are encountering the same issue. I’ll take a look

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you for looking into it. :smile:

I fixed the issue. Unfortunately any reviews that have been done in the last few hours won’t be persisted. I am tremendously sorry for this.

I carelessly committed a line of code while debugging an unrelated error that would effectively not persist any lessons or reviews. I’m sure it affected dozens or hundreds of users. If anyone did any unrewarded learning today on my account, I’m sorry!

cc / @udonbaka


That’s not a problem; I don’t mind redoing them. Thanks very much for fixing! :smiley:

Anyone have any advice on what would be a good alternate label for this? する-able?

I can’t think of anything that’d be helpful.

Just my $0.02 @searls: I think it makes sense as is, but of course feel free to disagree.

As far as I understand, if the description says both Noun and する verb, like in the example you’ve given, then you should put in the non–する form as it’s looking for the noun which is する–able.

However, if it just says する verb, then it should be the する form, as it’s specifically asking for the verb.

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Yes, but you can see how that’d be confusing at a glance. I wonder what the best thing to show is

Happy New Years @searls!

Thanks for checking back! Yeah, I’ve just been doing what @udonbaka said.

If it says “Noun, Suru-Verb” I’ve been working under the assumption its primarily used as a noun; and leave out する

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FWIW, I’ve always used "To " as the cue to type a verb and otherwise never think to type them. Unsure if there’s anything else to be done here


Hey, newer user here!

Just got started with KameSame today (liking it a lot so far!), And I ran into a little goof:

It might have to do with the way I input it, I couldn’t find ニ台 together when I typed in にだい, so I put in the kanji separately. How can I avoid this in the future? Thanks!

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That is because you’ve typed in U+30CB KATAKANA LETTER NI instead of the kanji U+4E8C CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH-4E8C. They look similar but the kanji is a bit taller. Which IME are you using?

If you can’t get 二台 directly, try getting the first kanji by typing ふたり and then entering the second kanji the way you did before.


I think you inputted a katakana ニ rather than a kanji 二 , and that’s why it didn’t work.

I went through something similar as well, so I’m going to assume you’re making the same mistake I was. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

It looks like you’re using an Android device, and I’m going to guess that you’re using Google Keyboard / GBoard with either the ‘Japanese QWERTY’ input or the ‘Google Japanese’ input.

I’m also going to guess that you are inputting by typing in the hiragana (or the romaji which gets converted to hiragana as you type), and that after you’ve typed in the full hiragana for the word, you then look in the suggestion box that comes up and pick the one you want?

Doing that doesn’t find what you want half the time. Rather than giving you words that match exactly the hiragana you’ve typed out, it gives you suggestions on words it thinks you might want to type out based on the hiragana you’ve put in. Kind of like predictive text.

You need to press the spacebar first, then pick out the correct kanji from the suggestion box. Pressing space limits the suggestions in the box to actual words that match what you’ve put in. That makes it much easier to find what you’ve actually typed rather than wading through a billion suggestions.


Thanks guys,

Yeah I’m using Google Japanese Input I believe, and the process you describe is exactly what I do. That’s a good tip about pressing the spacebar after I finish my word, I’ll start doing that!

I recall seeing an IME guide around here somewhere, I should probably give that a read, eh?


I’m having an issue on my iPhone 8 Plus (latest updates) where the PWA version of KS won’t really work reliably with the Gboard Kana Keyboard (part of the Google app, not the older defunct Gboard app). The kana keyboard frequently is frozen and won’t respond to any touch input. I have tried deleting Gboard from my iOS Settings, deleting the KS PWA on my Home screen… then reinstalling. No luck — the Kana keyboard still won’t work half the time.

I do NOT experience this when accessing KS from Safari directly, only the PWA version.

It’s not a big deal since Safari is fine… just FYI.

Thanks for the heads up, but because iOS’s PWA support is so flaky see this tweet and thread, that this is likely a Google+Apple issue I won’t be able to workaround. As it is, I’ve had to reimplement persisting pages and storage manually for PWA mode to work.

For now you’re probably stuck with the stock kana keyboard (which I love, FWIW ¯_(ツ)_/¯ )

Yeah, I really only use Gboard because the Kana has Emoji on it, and generally I prefer 2 keyboards max vs the iOS English + Kana + Emoji for the same functionality (switching between 3 keyboards is a pain).

No worries, I’ll just use Safari until the PWA + Gboard issue sorts itself out…

Another question — and perhaps this is a WK issue instead of a KS issue — but I am having trouble with getting some of the answers right when it asks for certain words like “Ten Thousand” or “Woman”. How do I know if it wants 万 vs 一万? or 女 vs 女の人? (I understand when it wants the single “Kanji” reading, such as 女=じょ but not when it wants just the Vocabulary where there are more than one correct answer). These are just a few examples.

Am I missing some clue that would help me determine which answer KS wants?