Just some quick sentence help

日本に化粧を掛けるの男は、ただですか? What are the mistakes in this setence?

The first part I can understand, though it has issues.

I can’t tell what it’s trying to say. Especially ただ. My first thought reading it would be “free of charge.” Which is obviously not what you meant, I would imagine.

Looking at the Jisho entry for ただ, I guess maybe you meant “ordinary” or “common.” But that’s not how you use ただ if you mean it that way.

If that’s what you meant, I would say something like 日本では、化粧をする男の人がよくいますか

You could use just 男 rather than 男の人, btw, but I just would recommend sticking to 男の人 until you know its uses well enough to be sure you’re not going to sound rude or blunt with 男.


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