Just reset to Level I!

Ancient member here, returning after 6 year hiatus in Japanese learning. Reset to Level 1 and still surprise that the SRS magic retains so much still. Thankful to continue the journey with everyone!


I have reset several times over the last few years. The highest I ever reached was level 12…but life happens and I’ve had to take a lot of breaks. I think I reset a couple of times down to level 7 when I was losing ground around level 9 and 11. Reached 12 and then another hiatus. Came back and reset to 2 and am currently at 7. It is certainly excellent review, and the material I’m covering now comes much more easily and feels more natural. Looking forward to pressing on and sure I’ll hit more snags along the way. Lifetime membership has its perks.


I agree 100%. It just seems so much easier this time around. Things seem to stick so much better the second time you go through them.

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I have also just reset to 1, from 60… a little bit scary, but it was necessary.

I have signed up for the N4 (first Japanese exam for me) and I need to practice low-level kanjis…


Yes, I did it today! After getting stuck at level 13, it took me several weeks in vacation mode to finally decide to take the step. I am full of good w.ill to follow the SRS without cheating and go as fast as possible. My Japan travel project for spring 2022 is still alive and so motivating!


I took the N5 two years ago and it went OK. Just starting to study for N4, but I prob can’t take it this year b/c I’m likely OOT when it’s happening.

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Heh. I just picked up WK for the third time after a major reset. I’ve been studying since something like 2017 and the highest I’ve ever reached is L6. Life comes along and derails me and the reviews build up and too much time passes and there no point forcing my way through the reviews because the SRS is broken and they’ve gone from my memory. I’ve got life membership because I love studying with WK and realistically it’s probably going to take mother rest of my life to complete :wink:

Go at your own pace, not everyone can or should be a speed runner.

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I’m thinking about resetting as well. I’ve not been using Wanikani for a couple years now I think, anything about the radicals I’ve completely forgotten, and I’d probably have a few hundred reviews.

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