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I started using KW and I have a question.

I’m WK lv7 and KW started by giving me the kind of vocab I’m learning at my actual level. Does KW ignore all vocabulary from previous levels ?

Also how do I tell which word I’m required to write for concepts like “soon” that have a lot of different possibilities?

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You have to go to the account option and ‘unlock’ all of your previous lessons. You just click on them and watch your reviews skyrocket! As for the second question…not so sure. Some have different synonyms so you can differentiate

Edit: to be more specific you go to the 3 lines on the top right of the screen, go to vocab, and just click on your previous lessons to unlock.


That’s the main issue with KW, KameSame is better in that regard


One thing to note is KW will tell you the part of speech for the word so this can help when one version is say a noun vs an adverb (assuming you were paying attention to this when doing WK). For example when it comes to the 少ない/少し pairing, 少ない will have an ‘i adjective’ part of speech label where as when it’s asking for 少し it will say adverb and noun.

Otherwise, what I do often is add a ‘NOT x’ user synonym so that when I’m doing KW I can at least know what reading I should not put in.


Thanks !

Would you recommend KameSame over KW ?

That’s a very good idea, thanks

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Uh oh 550 lessons. Crunch time ._.

I’ve only ever used KW so I can’t really offer any additional perspective unfortunately.

I think so yes, the dev of KameSame développer this app to be a better alternative of KW

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actually I can only type Kana and kanji when adding a synonym, how do you do it ?

I type ‘NOT SUKUNAI’ for example since the user synonyms can only take romaji.

Not sure I understand. When I do a lesson and find the correct answer, then click on Add synonym, I cannot type romaji in either the Word or Reading box. Is there another way to add a synonym that would allow me to write romaji?

You add the user synonym in WK. That is then synched by KW.

oooh I see, thanks!

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Yes, absolutely. It’s much better for synonyms. KameSame also has more functions than KW, such as being able to add non-WaniKani words to your review queue. The creator is constantly adding new features, and intends for it to be much more than just WK words E-J.

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I just gave it a try and I think I’m sold on KameSame. I like how it forces me to actually find the kanji writing, trains me to use the japanese keyboard and all. Also, synonyms.


Having used both, yes.
KameSame forces you to recall not just the reading, but also the appearance of the kanji, since you’re using a Japanese keyboard on your device rather than the application translating romaji into hiragana. With KW, I ran into issues when handwriting where I couldn’t easily remember which kanji to use (note I have restarted my Japanese learning since then in an attempt to learn the language better)

KaniWani is useful for recalling the exact reading, since if you enter the wrong reading of the kanji it won’t accept it, but if you’re writing a word getting the reading correct doesn’t matter if you accidentally use the wrong kanji. So personally, I would recommend KameSame over KW, just make sure you are recalling the correct reading


Yeah I got maybe 2 thousand in total. Some suggest setting your lessons to only the vocab you have burned in WK

I haven’t burnt anything yet. Actually i’m halfway through lv7 and I haven’t even got anything “enlightened”.
My plan is to use KameSame as much as I can when my WK reviews are dried up.

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