Improving KaniWani scores?

Hey, folks, what’s up.

I don’t know how many of you use KaniWani, but if you do, I’d like to ask for some help. Here on WK, most the time my scores will range in the low 80s to mid 90s, not bad, not great, but pretty good I’d like to say. However, when I use KaniWani, I BOMB, hard. I’m talking scores in the 60s range!

Essentially, I struggle with words that have veeeeery similar meanings. I’m talking about getting things like ところ mixed up with ばしょ… Both mean “place” or “spot”, correct? So… what’s the trick to knowing exactly when which one is which? I know on KW it will tell you underneath that this is so-and so adjective + this or that verb. Is all I can do is remember those little details there? Are there any other tips and tricks to raising my KW scores?

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I don’t use KW anymore, but when I did it really helped to set it to only review burned WK items.

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Oh, I actually did that, but for my guru items. I have yet to burn any, yet. I believe I will in the coming month, or in July.

You can make two words synonyms on KW, if you want, which means that if you enter either one, it will accept it for both.

But you could get into a situation where you only ever say ところ and never say ばしょ, but always get credit for both.

Another option is to add synonyms here on WK. Like, you could add “not tokoro” to the ばしょ entry on WK. KW will then import your synonyms over and when you see the ばしょ prompt, “not tokoro” will be on the list. I’m told it can take a little time to sync, but it will eventually.


This was always my approach but when possible I’d try to look for ways to disambiguate the definitions before resorting to actually using any vocab words. For example for 場所 I’d write “location” and “position” and for ところ I’d say “spot” and “aspect”. Maybe even go as far as “usu. kanji” and “usu. kana”.

And honestly if you got some word pairs like this where you haven’t disambiguated them to your satisfaction yet, don’t beat yourself up about just using the backspace key and trying the other word (before looking at the answer, of course!).


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