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This was probably asked a million times before, but maybe things changed in 2023? Which are good dictionaries that explain Japanese words in Japanese terms? Preferably so that it could be a nice Android app. I can always type in Google「 Xとは」, but, y’know.

I see 広辞苑 cited sometimes but I don’t know if it has an Android version and I’d rather have a frequency based sorting (though any is good)


Maybe you can find some good advice here? Monolingual dictionary corner It does refer a lot to an iPhone app and I’m not sure that is available for android, but it has a lot of good information about different dictionaries that should be possible to get on android too.


LogoVista is available on Android, but I haven’t tried buying dictionaries yet. Probably less choices than Monokakido, though.

Another choice is TTU reader + Yomichan, or just Yomichan, on Kiwi web browser. I only have Yomichan at the moment.

Currently I use JE one, Aedict, which can build custom external links to Weblio and Goo. Takoboto and Yomiwa now have JJ on some entries. (i.e. missing so many other entries)


Thanks! That looks like a good thread with lots of info.

Thanks! Seems like there’s a lot of them for Android, too. So costly though…

Oh right, I forgot about this! I use Yomichan for JE, but it didn’t occur to me there’s JJ dictionaries, too. I mostly use it on PC, though.

The reason I asked for a portable Android app is because it’s easy enough to use when I’m looking up words mid game (I play JP games on my portable console). I currently use Akebi Android app for this - it’s JE and it kinda misses some chunk of content, but it’s very convenient to use. When I’m struggling to look up a kanji or just lazy I use Papago Android app for OCR and then copy input to Akebi (I used Google Translate OCR before, but now it keeps asking me to install Google Lense and I really don’t want to)

Aedict with support of Weblio and Goo looks really good though, thanks! I’ll check it out.

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Would online dictionaries help or do you need an app?
There’s コトバンク , goo and Weblio for example.
(never mind, I see you’re already aware of them)