Mobile recommendations for JP-JP dictionaries? (And for Yomichan)

I have come to a point where I prefer JP-JP dictionaries, because monolingual dictionaries explains the intricacies of a word thoroughly, unlike JP-EN dictionaries which simply throw out the English counterpart of a word in Japanese.

With that being said, are there any JP-JP dictionaries that you guys recommend for Android? I’m currently using an app called じしょ君、which gets the job done but is severely lacking in interface compared to the JP-EN dictionary I use in Takoboto. And are there any JP-JP dictionaries for Yomichan? Thanks in advance.

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I’d also be interested to know. I’m currently using installed as a PWA on my Android.


I use kotobank for Android and I think the daijirin for yomichan.


Watching this thread :eyes:

I am spoiled with having Takoboto being able to send new words I encounter into Ankidroid. I wonder if there’s a J-J dictionary that can function the same.

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