Monolingual Japanese Dictionary for Android

Hello all. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good Japanese dictionary with its word definitions written in Japanese for Android? All I can find seems to have some English in it.
Thank you!

For offline use? You could always just use a website if you don’t need offline use. Personally I just use

Yes, it should be offline. I would otherwise use the web…

I have Weblio辞書 but the app is horrible (bad ui & crashes), so can’t recommend. It’s never my first choice.

It seems there isn’t a good one around… I guess I will stick with my English-Japanese ones. Thank you!

And there isn’t a dictionary built into Android? iOS has both a Japanese to English and monolingual Japanese dictionary built into the operating system which works even when offline.

Built-in Dictionaries is a genuine advantage ios has over Anroid (it has none). But it’s not a good enough reason for me to switch. And there’s no green bubble shaming here in Europe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I use じしょ君 and コトバンク. Both are online only though. I use the former more because it has a faster user interface. Unfortunately there’s no monolingual dictionary on Android which can export decks to Anki like Takoboto…


Thank you for the info!

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