Android Apps

Yo guys, I have an android phone and wondered what apps I should get. I already have 3 dictionaries and the WK app, but are there any that would also be useful? The’re seems to be a shortage of grammar apps atm

Not a lot of really good apps out there (that I’ve found anyway). I have JED (dictionary), Tae Kim’s Guide, Obenkyo, and the Wanikani app, plus a few random JLPT practice question apps.

Well, I use my iPod Touch for most of my apps now unless I’m forced to use my phone (no hate for Android, my phone’s just really ancient and has a tiny screen). Here’s some things I’ve used:

  • WaniKani Notifier/WaniKani Mobile
  • AnkiDroid
  • iKnow
  • SBS Your Language
  • Kotoba-chan
  • Kanji Renshuu
  • Anki Aniki
  • Memrise
  • Kanji (by TenguLogi)
  • Human Japanese

Thank you 

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