Recommended Electronic Dictionaries

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good electronic/digital dictionary? Paid is fine by me. I’m growing increasily satisfied with weblio/GOO. I swear that sometimes kanjipedia, which is primarily focused on kanji, has better definitions sometimes, and weblio just has an absolutely awful font.

It would have to work with android/windows, since I do not have an iphone.

Edit: For clarity, it just needs to work with at least one of those. I would be happy with a good android app.

Edit 2: I realize I never explicitly said this, but I’m referring to JP-JP dictionaries.

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You’ve probably come across it already, but I like kotobank. The app also has a button to where you can save a word into like a list that you can access if you want.


I tried checking out the digital version and its OK, but is there a way to prioritize which dictionary comes first? Like I don’t like how the first is the Britannica dictionary, which just always looks like a wall of text.

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I’m not sure what you mean by the first. I searched a few words and theres not multiple dictionaries and I dont see a wall of text or anything about the Britannica dictionary. This is a screenshot on my computer but it looks the same on my phone

Does it look like that for you or is mine just different?

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On a random super common word:

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The normal version is a lot more readable than the mobile app version, I see. Maybe you can try it in browser and see if that helps.


Nani the frick lol

It looks like é ­ has that too but its not above the main definition.

I mean personally I’ve never really ran into this, so I would assume that once you get into less common words it won’t become an issue. I’m not sure what kinda words you were hoping to look up, but yeah I don’t know of a way to change the order it presents it.

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I’m using jisho and I’m pretty content with it so far

I am not looking for an english dictionary, and basically all English-Japanese dictionaries use the same source (JMDict). I regularly fine inaccuracies, at least with the kanji dictionary party of it.


I have a Dictionaries app on IOS that lets you purchase whatever dictionary you want and I’ve been pretty happy with 三省堂国語辞典

You should be able to find an Android version of that particular one.


Unfortunately, the only one of that particular one I could find wasn’t available in the US region on the Android bookstore. But that book publisher did have a thing teach English to Japanese speakers available in the US region. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Probably not going to surprise anyone with this one either, but I’ve been using スーパー大辞林 and am pretty happy.
No idea how to get that one on android or windows though… :cold_sweat:

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Yeah searching it appears it is also not availalbe in the US

If you really need something legal, how about sakura paris?

Looks like they make a point to say Android is not available here

I don’t anything about 明鏡国語辞典 第二版 but it came up in search and in the google play store:

I think they have other platforms available here:

Then there are the actual e-dictionaries, never owned one but there was a thread around here discussing them. More of an investment but have specialized features and study tools. But if they are including 100+ dictionaries (including Meikyou),
I would assume if they have missing readings then it is definitely not important :slightly_smiling_face:. So many different ones, a bit overwhelming…ideally would like to be able to explore in person so may make a nice self お土産 while in Japan someday.

You have found quite a bit tuning up the lost levels deck, so certainly shows the limits of JMdict (more so than I was aware of)

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