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Discussion of Volume 1, Part 1

Discussion of Volume 2, Part 1

Interested in participating in a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure book club?

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EDIT: The people have chosen.


Yes, but not ready :sob:


Voted no cos I found the anime too violent for me. The first episode was enough for me to go NOPE. Is it as violent in the manga? Lol in case you can’t tell, i’m a total anime/manga noob.

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Hey, glad you’re interested Do you mean not ready because you feel you’re not skilled enough to read the manga or because you don’t own the books?

Yeah, the manga, much like its inspiration Fist of the North Star, is much much more violent compared to the anime. Whole lotta blood. I thought that might deter a lot of interest among WK users. But you say you were put off by the first episode, and something particularly atrocious happens in that one episode, so I don’t blame you. After that part, the story thankfully becomes more tame.


Oh really? Hmmm…maybe i’ll give episode 2 a try then. I think the premise is interesting and I can probably deal with 2D blood better than 3D.

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The show is still pretty violent, but the first episode is a bit of an outlier. Assuming you were referring to the Dio animal cruelty scenes? There are still occasions of such scenes, but it’s not like they are every episode.

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Yes, and thankfully we know the author isn’t some animal sadist, he said somewhere that he included animal cruelty to motivate the readers to absolutely hate some of the villains. It is damn effective.

So, reader discretion is advised. Some dogs die in the story, and the bad guys get what they deserve. I’ll prob. put some violence warning on the book club thread if I start it up, just to be safe.

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I’m a big fan of JoJo, so I’d be down, though I’m not sure how much of it I could actually read at my current level of understanding lol.

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Take a look at some sample pages online and see if you can read those. When I first got into reading manga, I was very unpleasantly surprised by how difficult Steel Ball Run vol. 1 was, I hadn’t read any of it prior to buying the book.

(From part 3, not SBR)


What, you don’t remember Jotaro’s last-moment victory of the race?


Hahaha, I guess I didn’t need to clarify that! I mean, How many people joining in on this will be entirely new to JoJo?

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It was fair enough, since he does appear in 4 different parts. Though Araki’s changing art styles make sure you’d never mistake one iteration for the other. :joy:

I’ve obviously never heard of it. :eyes: What’s a DIO?

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The first nine episodes (part1) are the most boring in the serie, afterward it gets really good.


I know exactly how you feel. I felt put off by the first episode and dropped the anime for a few months. But there are just so many memes, and besides that everyone seems to love jojo’s, so I gave it another chance. It just took off from the second episode, and im currently finishing the last season and it just keeps getting better and better. It is still pretty violent but somehow the first episode gave off creepy/sadistic vibes, which I didnt feel in the rest of the show.

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I’m really really really glad to hear this haha. I’m all for dark themes but this one was definitely on the side of do not want for me from the first episode. There must be quite a few of us i’m sure. I’m definitely going to give it a second chance. Will update here even though it’s not quite relevant :smiley: I probably won’t be ready to read anything until at least level 10 so maybe in March.

I already have the first few volumes of the manga, so I’d definitely join!

(and similar to others, I definitely started liking the anime more after the first few episodes)

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While that sounds sarcastic, that’s literally my current situation. Also, I thought all characters are named Jo something? The second thing pop culture told me is that there’s something called stance or something like that.