JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Book Club (Volume 2) 血の渇き![Volume Finished]

Schedule: 2 chapters per week, a new week beginning each Wednesday.
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Jonathan catches wind of Dio’s plan to poison George Joestar to obtain the Joestar wealth. Jonathan understands that he must get an antidote for the deadly dose sold by a mysterious Chinese merchant in a London neighborhood dominated by street gangs, Ogre Street. Jonathan delves into Ogre Street alone and gets caught in a fight with some hoods, and now…

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The schedule:

February 12 - 19: 仮面の人体実験

February 19 - 26: 人間を超越する!

February 26 - March 4: 不死の怪物

March 4 - March 11: ディオとの青春ニ決着

March 11 - March 18: 懐かしき面影

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Glad I had the opportunity to learn the word 頓痴気 from chapter two. Poetic expressions such as this are seldom found in other tongues.


Finished reading the first chapter (even tough i must admit that I will need to read it a second time to better understand everything) and I am happy we finally met the first, and in my opinion best, jobro, Speedwagon.


Well, we technically met him during the last chapter :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure if I agree he’s absolute best JoBro, but definitely up there and probably has the most overall impact on the series. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I forgot his hat was so ridiculous… Did anyone else get the feels when he realizes aloud what a good guy Jonathan is?

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Yeah. Jonathan has such a good heart!

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I got the opposite of the feels :woman_shrugging: it felt really forced from a narrative standpoint… but to each their own.


That’s understandable too!

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I get what you mean, it’s corny, as is most manga and anime targeted at the shonen-consuming demographic (9-16 years old, typically). But I think Speedwagon’s 180 from a gang whom carries a grudge against the wealthy Jonathan to viewing him as a noble, godly fighter, is especially bizarre (lazy). That dramatic character change in, like, two pages. I think Araki was just trying to get to the climax of Phantom Blood already, not a lot of character development so far.


Yeah, we don’t really ever get any explanation for why Speedwagon is the way he is at the beginning. 100% valid that to think this is pretty forced. Honestly, it’s super forced and cartoonish, and I’m definitely looking at this with the hindsight of someone who already knows the story and loves Speedwagon for who he is eventually shown to be. In my head, I imagine that Speedwagon has lived a life where kindness to strangers is rare and he’s never had a positive interaction with someone so far “above his station”, and he was shocked beyond belief that Jonathan didn’t kill him.

This kind of 180 villain-to-friend transformation is extremely common across the entire Jojo series to the point of becoming a trope, but I think in the future there’s usually slightly better justification for it.


This is the foundation of part 4, the main guys pummel a crooked villain and said villain comes through with the power of friendship and joins in on Josuke’s adventure. That part is all “quirky slice of life”-esque, so it’s expected. I am glad that Speedwagon is in the story, but his contributions in part 1 are nothing more than being the hype man for the fights. Part 2 is where we see how Speedwagon actually makes any impact on the story. Love his character design though, of the part 1 characters he’s my favorite next to Zeppeli.

Upon re-reading this week’s portion, I come to realize that I never learned the name of the Chinese merchant until now (Googled his name, it’s Wang Chan) because he’s always referred to as the 東洋人. I’m not sure his name is ever stated in the manga.


You might be right! don’t have the volume on me right now, but I don’t ever remember his name being said in the manga. He’s such a fairly minor character though that his name doesn’t stick in my brain anyway… :thinking:

Allllllright, it’s Wednesday so you know what that means, it’s week 2 of volume 2. Time to read the two chapters for this week, includes one of my favorite points of this part of the story. After Dio’s awry experiment with the mysterious stone mask…

Hope y’all are staying prepared for the following chapters. If you got any grammar questions, ask 'em!

About week 1…
Speedwagon vs. Jonathan brawl…Dope or nah?

  • Dope
  • Lame

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By the way, this book club doubled as an individual “experience” for a school project I’m doing (vaguely mentioned that I started a JP book club to actively help other learners with reading) and as something I wanted to do regardless. I was happy that I could integrate it into school like that with something I was enjoying. Thinking about doing another book club when the activity dies down. Once forum members have fewer reads on the backburner, I considered starting a Dragon Ball or Slam Dunk book club, could be pretty popular here? This would be way down the road, however.


Can’t vote yet :pensive:

I liked the fight, so I’m voting “dope” for that, but (as I kinda mentioned before) the conclusion felt rushed and unrealistic. Kinda felt like the author went “nope, not spending 10 chapters on a fight, moving on” without really putting much effort in trying to make it plausible.

That being said (up to the end of vol 3 minor spoiler)that gave me a lot of expectations with respects to Speedwagon’s fighting skills… can’t say he has been living up to them so far.

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I wish there was a “Yeah, it was pretty dang rushed, but I just like seeing Johnathan being a good guy, changing hearts in a rough society, and there was one wicked hat involved too” option! :joy:

I’ve wanted to read Slam Dunk for the longest time, but I’d be down for either! :+1:


Minor spoiler about said hat: And it’s never taken advantage of again!
Further plot spoilers (references characters introduced after volume 3):

I wish this part could have been longer to show more interesting fights. We see a load of Jonathan, but what about Straitz, Dire, and that elderly Hamon trainer? Are we supposed to feel for them when we hardly get to know them, they barely contribute to the struggle, just more background characters to narrate Jonathan’s strifes? Speedwagon could have been so much more but Jonathan knocks the fighting spirit out of him in Ogre Street and Speedwagon does…effectively nothing in this part. Not sure why this character emassed such a huge cult following, other than his weird name and tubular character design. He is quite likable when he grows older though.

You are in for some disappointment if you want Speedwagon to stop talking.

Holy spoiler blurs. Anyway, I had some grammar questions in my mind when I finished the reading last night. Don’t have the book with me, but I know I was scratching my head at some points so when I can get home I’ll have some stuff to point out.

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I know, and it’s a shame! It was such a cool hat… It would have been sort of cool to have Speedwagon join fights with Jonathan, even despite him not being a Hamon user, in my opinion.
I think the reason why Speedwagon is such a popular character is because he’s honestly (slight spoiler for the next volume?) rather useless in battle, though he makes up for this with his intense loyalty and love for Jonathan. In other words, he’s a like puppy, basically. Always around, devoted to his best friend, even when he’d probably get in the way more than actually helping him. Some see this character archetype as annoying, while others see it as endearing and charming. I personally like Speedwagon, even though he does talk a bit too much, haha!

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A couple grammar questions.
On page 73, the police chief says 「ブランドの父親をるとうのけいにしてればこんなことにはならなかったんだ!」Can somebody break down this sentence please? I only understand him saying that Dario was serving some sort of sentence, but I couldn’t find any results for るとう on Jisho and the remaining part of the sentence is unclear to me too.

Major spoiler for this one: On page 80, George’s dying words are 「息子の腕の中で死んでいくというのは。。。」and it’s clear that he’s saying, in part, “to die in my son’s arms”, but the “いくというのは” doesn’t make sense to me. What purpose does this serve? If George had finished this sentence, what could it be accurately translated to?

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This is exactly why! Not just loyal to Jonathan, but to his whole family in the future.

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