JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Book Club (Volume 3) 暗黒の騎士達

Club schedule: 2 chapters each week, new chapters assigned each Wednesday.

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Last time on JoJo’s: A gnarly battle in the Joestar mansion ensues after Jonathan, Speedwagon, and London police confront Dio. Dio finally dons the stone mask for himself and transforms into a godlike being possessing eternal youth and immortality. The mansion burns down and Jonathan narrowly escapes the scrap. Jonathan takes blame for Dio’s rise to supernatural power. Speedwagon says some stuff, etc. And now!

Welcome to volume 3, here’s another participation poll for your troubles

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Volume 3 chapter schedule:

March 25 - April 1: 凶人ジャック&奇人シェぺり

April 8 - April 15: 洋上の惨劇

April 15 - April 22: 恐怖を我が物とせよ

April 22 - May 1: 罠への招待

May 1 - May 8: 暗黒の騎士達

Hope some were able to catch up !


Really busy because of Mr. C. Not caught up yet :sob:

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What point are you at? No pressure man.

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I can catch up to you guys in a couple of months.

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I’ll await your return! I imagine the coronavirus drama, ubiquity of book clubs on the forums as of late, etc, are slowing some down.

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Although I think this is far above my level, I have the first 3 volumes sitting on my jojo shrine so I’ll definitely plan to peak in here to see what’s going on ! ( + catch up on the other 2 )


I just wanted to point something out- was a little confused because my book doesn’t match the chapter titles you posted at all. Apparently there are two sets of chapter names: one from the original Shonen Jump weekly issue release and another from the tankobon release.

If you are reading the tankobon, chapter titles should be

March 25 - April 1:
切り裂きジャックと奇人ツェペリ その①
切り裂きジャックと奇人ツェペリ その②


Yeah, I noticed that there are two different “sets”: the titles I wrote down in the original post are from my tankobon, and I noticed that the JoJo wikia lists the chapters like you did (その1,その2,etc). I assumed most would understand the tankobon titles more, so I used those. In the discussion thread for volume one, you’ll notice that the chapter titles are NOT the tankobon titles (I was too lazy to look for my copy at the time, so I copied the titles from the wikia). And then when I picked up my own copy, I was confused by the discrepancy.

It’s a tricky read, but judging from the fact that you have a JoJo shrine, I’m gonna guess that you probably have a detailed understanding of the story, which will make understanding the Japanese text much easier. Most of the people reading along were already familiar with the story I think, so you get the benefit of growing from reading a complex native text, but also the support of understanding how it plays out.


Both set of titles are used in tankobon releases. The ones @teenprez were the one used in my tankobon, which is an older edition. The one you wrote done are used in the latest edition, I guess. I was also confused by the discrepancy all the way back in book 1 and checked an online preview. And indeed, different editions have different titles.


I always loved how Hamon is introduced in these chapters. Sure, Zeppeli’s explanation is a little "exposition-y*, but I love the idea of introducing “the Ripple” in water. Not only is it a great visualization, it’s pretty to look at.


Sorry guys but i won’t be able to follow along for the next 2~ weeks, this is midterm period and since for obvious reasons we can’t take tests in the campus they decided to load us with projects instead. I should manage to catch back up afterwards so in about 3-4~ weeks.


Considering the results of the poll, people need to catch up. We’ll resume reading on Wednesday and I’ll change the chapter schedule accordingly.

I love the introduction of Zeppeli and hamon in these first two chapters. Intense in both the anime and manga, and Zeppeli also serves as comic relief after the baggage of the end of volume 2. Definitely one of my favorite characters in the series.


My man Zeppeli has been chowing down on this cold cut sandwich for so many pages! The introduction of Hamon is really fun. I love the image of Zeppeli creating ripples in the water, and sequence of Jonathan’s healed arm slowly causing the flowers to revive and bloom is lovely. It’s a nice visual metaphor for Jonathan starting a new life after Dio took everything from him. We’ll see if that comes to pass…

What do you all think about the introduction of Jack the Ripper? It’s a fun choice, playing with a historical figure, but as far as I know (Parts 1-5), JoJo doesn’t really ever do this again except for passing references or character backstories.

Oh, and not this past week’s chapters but the previous one: I love all these cold-eyed close-ups of Erina barring anyone from entering Jonathan’s room while he’s recovering! It’s nice to know that at least one thing he thought he’d lost is still here for him.

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This part in general makes great use of its setting, and the inclusion of a character (or person, rather) from that era to further tie the story to its setting was an interesting choice! I thought it was a bit strange at first, but upon further review, I think it’s pretty cool! And as for whether or not it happens in the series again: Yes it does! Not quite the same way that it happens here, but we definitely see a historical figure appear in a later part with a fairly important role. More shall I not say. :joy:

I love Erina’s subtle characterization throughout this part. From her washing her mouth out with dirty water after the kiss with Dio, to these serious, nigh threatening stares, we get the sense that she is a determined, plucky and rather bold young lady! She’s not ostentatious or extravagant like the characters we’ve come to expect from the series, but she still has plenty of personality, in my opinion!

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I’m guessing you’re talking about how Hitler is mentioned a couple times in part 2? That’s the closest to another real historical figure that has some impact on the story. Other times a famous name is just dropped as a joke (Bo Derek, Al Yankovic, off the top of my head). Marlon Brando can be seen in, like, two frames in part 3 though! But yeah, I was surprised by the Jack the Ripper insert in the story, and him turning into a zombie/vampire working under Dio. Crazy shit.

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Nope, I was actually talking about Part 7! :stuck_out_tongue:
Now, whether or not the character I’m thinking of should be considered as a historical figure or fictional figure is a whole different can of worms I’m not going to open, but I’m just going to refer to them as a historical figure for now. It was actually due to this uncertainty that I put “historical figure” in italics…

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If I remember correctly, very soon we’ll meet the knights who supposedly served Queen Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots, but they’re just background context, not characters in the story.

Oh god, if this is who I’m guessing it is, I can’t wait to see how bonkers Part 7 turns out to be! :joy:

Am I correct that we are taking a break again and not reading new chapters this week?

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At this point we’re at the end of the second chapter and we won’t proceed until this coming Wednesday.

I’ve only read the first volume of Steel Ball Run, so most of my knowledge is peripheral. Is this about how Jesus Christ is in it? It’s touted as the best part in the series, and I still haven’t got past the part where Johnny finds out he’s become a paraplegic.

Oh yeah, it gets wild later on… :grin:

Several hours late here, but welcome to Wednesday. This week we’ll resume reading, so the third and fourth chapters until next week. I still gotta update the schedule in the original post…