Master List of Book Clubs

Scheduled, I guess. I mean, I really don’t mind which section it goes in, but it definitely has a schedule! (At least one that I’ll be sticking to!)

Alright, feel free to move it if you want. If you decide to, put it first so the list is in order of difficulty. :slight_smile:

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By the way, I understand about the problem of updating the image, but I think if the OP just links to the Google doc, that might be very useful and won’t need updating. What do you think? Of course it’s up to you, I just thought it was a really useful thing to see.

Unofficial Wanikani Reading Clubs Timeline

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I think it’s probably better not to since it’s separately managed and could get out of date.


Okay then.

Looks like there’s a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure bookclub starting up on Jan 15th.

And Sailor Moon on January 1st!


I added them and made a stab at the difficulty.

We’ve got a lot of clubs starting up in January!


I added our Doki Doki Literature Club Game Club to the Miscellaneous/scheduled section, even though it’s a game/visual novel, which i marked it as, i hope that’s ok. It’s almost entirely reading anyways, and it makes you write poems ^^


@kitsunensei Is the Ao Haru Ride book club actually scheduled?

its 1 volume/month, does that count? I decided not to make a weekly schedule to make it more lenient

Sure, that’s fine. I just wanted to make sure.

Added the DanMachi book club to Miscellaneous scheduled.


I changed the “Miscellaneous Book Clubs (scheduled)” section to be a table since it has more information than the other sections. It’s a bit inconsistent with the other sections, but it still looks a bit cleaner to me. What does everyone think of this format?


Looks great! Could you add the クレヨンしんちゃん Book Club? I imagine the difficulty level is ‘Beginner’.

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The first post is a wiki, so feel free to add it. :slight_smile: Just make sure to read the editing instructions and add the book to the correct place in the list.


We now have an NHK Easy News reading group. Where should we put that in the Master List?


News isn’t really a “book”, but if you really want to include it in the master list just put it in the miscellaneous section.


Nice one, thank you!

I’m a bit late, but why is DanMachi entered as advanced? It is a simpler read than 獣の奏者, and has a slower pace, yet 獣の奏者 is recorded as intermediate. I think DanMachi should be put down at the same level but may be missing something? :thinking:

People who create their own book club indicate the difficulty. I don’t do anything for that. You’re welcome to talk to whoever added it or change it yourself if you want.

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