JLPT N5 past year questions

Any place where i can find past year questions and answers for JLPT N5??


No, unfortunately. The JLPT has never released past questions. Or even official kanji or vocabulary lists - the ones you find around the internet are best guesses.

However, you can find some practice questions on their website:



I found a website that had a sample paper, but i finished the entire thing in 15 mins(excluding reading): it had 8qs in the kanji/vocab section and 13 qs in the grammar/reading section.

The link ^^^
Can you confirm that this is the pattern
Surely there have to be more questions right???
Also can you explain the marking scheme?

Well, that’s the general idea of what it looks like, yeah. (In fact, half the questions in that come straight from the sample questions on the JLPT website.)

Not with any specificity - that’s another thing that they don’t release. The scores required to pass the test can be found on the website here, but how the scores are generated is something of a black box.


The official JLPT website has two whole tests (from 2012 and 2018) available here, including a sample answer sheet, the answer key and the script for the listening exercises: