Where to find questions in the JLPT N5 format to practice?


I am using WaniKani for kanji and vocab, and Bunpro for grammar. I also have Genki and watch lessons that go through Genki materials on youtube. However, what I lack are questions in exam format.
There are a few example questions on the JLPT website (which people say are easier than the real exam) as well as a sample booklet available for download. I also bought the sample exam from CotoAcademy, have yet to try it yet. So I only have 2 trial exams.

I think my knowledge of kanji and vocab is good enough at level 16, my grammar and listening is not ideal but should improve soon. What is really holding me back is lack of familiarity with the exam question format. I mean, the questions in the JLPT do not follow the Wanikani or Bunpro format.

Is there any other paid resource that just throws exam questions at me? Preferably with examples/explainations but I will take what I can get.

Thanks a lot.

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The absolute best resource for becoming familiar with the JLPT format is (in my opinion) the Shin Kanzen Master book series, but unfortunately those only cover N4 to N1 at the moment. Buy Shin Kanzen Master books: Master Japanese language and get the JLPT – OMG Japan

You can find a lot of mock tests for the listening section on Youtube by searching for “聴解 N5” or “JLPT N5 listening” etc.


Here you can find a link to an official JLPT N5 mock test:

I think the thread may also contain links to other resources who provide similar questions for practice.


The official site has 2 tests (2012 and 2018) for free for download. I would recommend doing them both. I’m a bit puzzled because you said you had only one. The thread @NicoleIsEnough linked also only talks about the 2012 test, I’m not sure when the second one was added.
They have the exact same format as the real test, so you can even time yourself and insert appropriate pause times.


Where do you see two tests? If you click on the middle link, there are two workbooks and the text says

The Official Practice Workbook published in 2012 and the Official Practice Workbook Vol.2 released in 2018 each contains, for all levels, almost the same number of questions as an actual test,

(emphasis mine)

whereas if you click on the bottom link, there is only one official test. Or am I confusing things?

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I don’t know what you mean by “bottom link” sorry…

I thought the official tests we are talking about are these workbooks. Sure they are not an official official test you could have taken in the year 2012 or something, but they have the same layout, rough question count as the real test and are comprised of real questions from real tests.

If you don’t like it digitally, you can buy them as a paper copy as well. There’s also some other 模擬 tests from Japan times, for example. In my experience, all of them prepare you well to see how the real test is structured.

EDIT: Ah, do you maybe mean “New Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Sample Questions” (published 2009) ? These are actually in the old test format and I would recommend the workbooks over them.


Ah sorry I was talking about the three buttons on the left hand side of the page:


But they are called “N”, no? :exploding_head:

Bottom line: I find it very hard to find this type of material online, sorry for the confusion anyway!

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Yes they are, I think they were thought of as a sample for people who had to take the new style the first time in 2010 (therefore published in 2009) to give them an Idea how the test will look.
It says in the footnotes:

(* 1) Please note that “Composition of test items” contains the test time and the approximate number of test items for N1, N4 and N5 before the change. For more information about the changes in test time, please refer to “Test sections and test times” in this website.
(* 2) Number of questions in actual test will differ.
(* 3) For some questions only.
(* 4) Audio is played in actual test.

So it’s probably a good approximation and can certainly be used to prepare one for the real test.
But since they have since held many real tests and this experience is reflected in the newer workbooks, I personally would prefer these over the “this is how the test will roughly look” book ^^.

No worries though. I personally find the official site also real hard to navigate -.-.


Haven’t tried the other resources here but I found the listening section here crucial for passing my N5. Just worked through every question in listening over and over until I understood them all https://japanesetest4you.com/


Thanks, I have found the 2012 and 2018 papers.
I just finished CotoAcademy’s created (not official) paper today to get a feel of things.
Will probably attempt the 2018 paper under exam conditions and the 2012 paper I believe may have some repeats, so imo if want to try under exam conditions best not to touch the 2012 paper till after.

@NicoleIsEnough , @downtimes
Have also done the sample questions online :slight_smile:
People say those seem easier than the real deal, and seemed easier than the questions I encountered in the other materials.

That’s what I am looking for, thanks!
Any other sites like this, preferably with better audio quality?
I find the youtube videos seem to have better audio, but no explaination/not as informative as that site you linked.

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the Todai app on smartphone has a lot of mockup tests as well.

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