Is there a JLPT questions database from previous years exams?

Hello everyone!
Does anybody know if there is an online free database of JLPT exams from the previous years?
I’d like to see more real examples from the original tests. I’ve already seen those ones they provide for free on their official site, but I’d like to see more to get used to them.

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The official stance of the test creators is that making test questions publicly available is not allowed. This makes it tough for anyone to legitimately publish them on a website that doesn’t want to be breaking their rules. In practice, the idea of that rule is to stop people from sharing the test content while the test is still ongoing, but they don’t list any exceptions.

The best options are all going to be resources that cost money and mimic the style of the real tests. Sites that create their own questions and put them up for free are worthy of skepticism, because they’re typically not people with training in making test questions.

They do occasionally update those, so it’s worth checking back later in the year.

I know that isn’t an answer that would help you much, but I think it’s the reality of the situation.


Thanks anyway! =)

Do you recommend any paid resource that reliably mimic the test style?

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The Try! series, Shin Kanzen Master, and Sou Matome are the ones most often recommended for the individual test sections (like, each one has a Vocab, Kanji, Grammar, etc book). Though not all of those resources are available for all levels.

There are also just practice tests made by a variety of companies and if you search for JLPT 模擬試験 you’ll find stuff. Those usually come with 2 or more practices tests that are the exact length of the real test, and usually a CD or links to audio downloads for the listening section.


Thank you very much

This site has study material but I’m assuming the host is Vietnamese and their English is seldomly wonky. I don’t know how they get the questions but sometimes there are previous exam quizzes.

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Thanks! It will help me a lot

The J-CAT Japanese Language Test is free, and has some sample questions (in addition to the test). Well worth taking.

The JLPT site offers some sample questions at each level: 問題例

They also offer workbooks; free sample questions online.

I bought their 公式問題集 at amazon. It’s essentially a simulation of the actual test, with similar questions and a real answer book (pencil in the bubbles), an answer key, and directions about timing. I found this invaluable to understand how to manage time in the test. And to not freak out that I got so many wrong; a passing score is very much less than a perfect score.


I bought (from Chinese websites) hard copies of past papers (around 10 years of JLPT N2 and N1) and it really helped me with the official exams. They also came with answer keys and explanations for grammar (in Chinese). You would be surprised to know that despite the vast number of words JLPT wants you to know, it’s not difficult to note a recurring list of 50-100 words that would definitely come up in your exam.

I’m sure there are better and more efficient ways to learn Japanese, but if passing the test is your only goal, then doing the past papers would help a lot.

Regarding online & free, I found some sample questions here: GitHub - dominhhai/jlpt-test: 日本語能力試験 JLPT問題集

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