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Hello everyone,

I will take the JLPT 5 test in December in France and something has been bugging me recently : everytime I look for samples questions, everything is in Japanese. I mean everything, including the question itself. So here’s what I wanted to know : is it like this in every country or are the questions or instructions for each exercices translated ? Because I usually have no problem to understand the content of exercices, but it’s difficult for me to understand instructions in japanese.

I hope I have been clear enough, thanks in advance !

Yep, even the instructions are in Japanese, even for the N5.
I’d suggest getting one of the practice booklets. Go through that, and you’ll get how the real thing goes, and not really have to worry.
The test doesn’t vary from country to country as far as I’m aware. Each country may have their own organization that does the tests and everything, but they’re all partnered with the same main company in Japan, so they all follow the same rules/format/guidelines, more or less.

Okay thanks a lot ! I have to get a practice booklet indeed.

This guys video might be an interest to you. He goes over the mock papers available on JLPT and he’s quite explains them well and detailed.

The Japanese might look daunting, but it has examples and everything. From what i can gather is the listening portions that trip people up the most.

The below is just one on grammer, he has a lot more on his channel for n5 and above



You can also download a practice test here.

I’m taking the N4 in Paris in December, btw. Maybe we’ll meet and not know it :grin:

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