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So I’ve been reading a little bit about JLPT recently. I’ve learnt Japanese at school for the past 3.5 years, and they don’t really talk about it, but I really want to take it and see where I stand amongst the broader japanese-learning community.

anyway, my question is, is it necessary to take the test for every level? i.e. start at N5 and move up to N1? also, can you take multiple tests within the same year?

You don’t have to take every successive level. Also, whether you can do one or two tests depends on the country. In the US, for example, it’s only administered once a year. Other countries do a summer and winter test.

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thanks! i did some research and it’s once a year for me too… guess i better be pretty sure about what level i am lol

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No problem. Also, everyone I know personally who has taking it has told me to skip N5 and go straight to N4. So that’s what I’m shooting for.

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You don’t know me personally, but I also skipped the N5 and went straight for the N4.

As for the OP, If you want to gauge your level, pick some sample questions from N5 and up and see where it starts getting too difficult. Or just try a sample N4 test and see if your brain explodes or not.

If you’ve been studying for 3,5 years you should be able to handle N4+. I believe in the you that believes in you!


I was just watching Gurren Lagan. lol What are the odds?

Definitely try the sample tests. After over a year of WK, I found the N3 sample tests much easier than N4/N5 just because there’s more Kanji and reading Kana only is fatiguing.

thank you!

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