JLPT 2020 - no more :(

Hi everyone! I was aiming to take the JLPT N5 in the summer 2020 but due to - the illness - the exam was cancelled. Now I have found out that the next JLPT exam is next summer aka. 2021. As I took Japanese at university and studied Genki 1 and 2 by myself in combination with WaniKani, in your experience what would be the odds of passing N4 instead of N5 next summer? I bought up all the practice exam books for both N5 and N4 that I could find as well. What resources did you use to study for both exams and what has been the most useful for you to pass?

All input is appreciated!


A year is enough time to finish WaniKani if you’re fast, which would bring you up to near N2 levels, at least in Kanji. So getting yourself ready for N4 in a year should be pretty feasible, assuming you allot some of that time for grammar, reading, and listening. I’d say your odds of doing the N4 are pretty good if you study well, with N3 potentially being achievable if you really grinded your studies.

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Thank you for your reply! I am studying daily aside from work perhaps 2 hours at maximum and more during the weekends including the reviews in Wanikani. I was really fun to be in a classroom environment and learn Japanese that way with good stricture and homework daily however I could not continue them due to full-time employment and an otherwise demanding schedule. I would be really nice to keep up the pace they had at university to not lose the motivation and to see progress too :slight_smile: Happy that I can possibily pass a higgher level than i predicted if i keep it up!

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What resources did you use to pass JLPT and what would you recommend?

So you already studied both Genki 1 and 2? Usually those are the requirements for N4 grammar wise. Kanji wise, level 16 in Wanikani will cover most kanji iirc.


I never took the JLPT, but I did take Japanese classes for 3 years in high school and then another 3 years in University. So I’m not sure what resources would be best for targeting the JLPT specifically, but it sounds like you should definitely at least aim for the N4 or higher, given your current studies and a year of time.

Actually, depending on where you are JLPT registration for Deceber 6 2020 is open.
For example, it’s going to take place in Kongsvinger, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark.

For other locations check the list:

I am in the same boat as you. However, I first wanted to register for the JLPT in December but I cannot afford the traveling to the other city as not all locations do offer them anymore. For me that would mean that I need a plane or expensive train ticket so I decided against it and do it at the regular location next year instead.
I also wanted to do N5 in summer but as there is one year time (I also almost finished Genki 2), I believe that N3 would be feasible. At least if you continue studying continuously. For N5 and N4 I bought the Nihongo So Matome Series, the mock exam book for N5 and the Try series. I finished Try some time ago and I am halfway through the N5 Nihongo So Matome book and I believe that Try is the better choice as I find it more engaging.
However, I heard many good things about the Kanzen Master Series so it might be worth to give it a try as well.


I’m late to this party, but yay I get to procrastinate the JLPT for a whole another year+; where I am the JLPT is only offered in December! I’m not sure how to feel about that. :sweat_smile:


You could always go for a summer holiday in a country that does offer the July test. Japan, perhaps? Even if you fail the test, at least you had a nice vacation. I would arrive at max a day or two before the test, so your vacation isn’t ruined by pre test nerves, though.

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Stuttgart - Germany has just been cancelled. I guess Duesseldorf will do the same.

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Have you received a notification via mail? I was going to take the JLPT in Dusseldorf but there are no new updates or news yet…

Yes, I received a mail this morning.

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N4 in 6 months sounds doable based on what you are saying.

Genki 1 and 2 should be sufficient for covering most of the grammar for N4 and WK will get your kanji skills up past where they need to be. I’d suggest you go ahead and start working towards the N4. Kanzen JLPT N4 will help you brush up if you prefer to go it alone: https://www.amazon.com/Kanzen-Master-Learning-Japanese-Sticky/dp/B07S65ZFXM/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=kanzen+jlpt+n4&qid=1605035778&s=books&sr=1-1.

There are also tutors available online (Preply, italki, etc) that specialize in prepping for the JLPT too.

Good luck!

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Anyone planning to pass the exam in Paris (France) in 1 week? I’ll try the N4 and will most certainly fail haha because I didn’t study the listening part and didn’t finish all the grammar lessons.

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