JLPT December 2021 registration is closed in USA. :(

I just went to the https://www.aatj.org/jlpt-us website and apparently registration is already closed. I didn’t know it had opened yet :(. Anyone else miss the boat? I guess I won’t have to feel rushed in taking N2 this year at least :(.


Yeah, it’s a good idea to start checking when they’ll open registrations as early as possible, though I think this year was a special case for obvious reasons.


I thought the registrations opened in September. I could have sworn I called them a couple of weeks ago and they said I could register in September. The website says applicants crashed their website and they had many more people wanting to take the test than seats available. Bummer…

Yeah, if you go to the dedicated JLPT threads here you can relive the confusion, if that’s not too painful, lol.

The website didn’t just crash, people were sent all jumbled up confirmations and whatnot. Wrong city, wrong level, etc.

As an aside, following the threads here is a good way to stay up to date.

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I should have known others were already on top of it. Here I thought I was breaking the news lol. Oh well, I guess that search bar is there for a reason. I don’t get into the threads all that much but will try and search next time. Thank you for the heads up.


No way, !!! T_T I was planning to take the JLPT, but just looked at the website, and it has been cancelled where I live !! Now I regret not having taken in 2019 !! :angryviet: :angryaya: :angrykoichi: :angrymami:

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N1 for next year? :crazy_face:


Ha, that would be nice, but quite ambitious. I think I was pushing it a bit on the Kanji side with N2 this year. I think N2 should be in my comfort zone next year for sure. Kanji and reading are my real stumbling blocks at this point, so having 15 more months to prepare should help with those deficiencies I hope. I failed the N3 in 1990 I think :smiley: I should have been more diligent and probably would have been N1 20 years ago lol.

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I can commiserate! There is a grand total of 1 university in my country that hosts the JLPT, and this year they have barred anyone not officially enrolled in that uni from sitting the test. :upside_down_face:


Wow, that is really a bummer. I called the org that runs it here in the United States a couple of weeks ago and that told me that I should be fine registering. I guess I should have gotten in the queue a bit earlier. I guess we can always fly to Japan lol.


If you’re not joking… I think registration is still open in Japan, but I wouldn’t bank on being able to get into the country…


Damn I reckon mate…I was planning to the 4th last time then 3rd time now sorta feel like I lost a milestone :confused: but I’m happy where I’m at just want the validation hohoh but yeah bummed out

That’s… :grimacing: Well, here in Sweden, there is exactly 0 places that hosts the test. -_- A situation shared with Norway. Denmark gets the winter test and Finland the summer test. I wonder if they’re holding them again? :thinking: (not that I’m planning on taking it, though I’m not averse to doing so once I have a good shot at either N2 or N1)


Oh wow, and I thought a single testing location was bad and needlessly competitive for seats. :expressionless:

I wasn’t sure yet if I wanted to take it, but at least wanted to read up on things again before I realised it was a moot point.

I checked all testing locations in Germany and Belgium as well, but they either said it was cancelled/full, had 2019 info without updates, or simply had no reference to the JLPT on their site at all.

And I’m simply not willing to schlep over to France just to sit it.

So I’ll let future-me deal with it.


I’m rooting on future you! :grin: I’m sure that you’ve got the circuits to make it! :robot:

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But it is only a :steam_locomotive: ride away! Oh, oh say it ain’t so Omun-台…

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True. :joy: Maybe I should consider it just for the Thalys ride so that I can upload pictures of the train for you. :bullettrain_front:


I doubt you can fly into Japan at this point in time, but Europe should still be mostly ok. You can take the test in Bucharest for example, registration’s still open here and there seem to be a lot of Americans traveling here recently so I assume it’s cheap.

I was on top of things and refreshing my browser the minute registration opened. Still, all I ever got was a crashed website. Never had a chance to register. I think I’ll download a practice test and give myself a mock N5 on Dec. 5th :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

You frightened me a lot with your stories, seems the registration in the US is a nightmare.

Here in Spain registrations opened the 1st and within 1 hour I completed my registration (for N4). I should be one of the first to register…

I think travelling from US to Europe should not be too difficult currently (even if it is random, I have just seen that the EU removed the US from “safe list” 3 days ago, meaning PCR tests+ short self quarantine, so the situation in December is unknown).

In Spain, the Barcelona location specifically indicates that only residents can register, but in Madrid or in the few other locations there is no limitations apparently.