JLPT 2020 - Europe Covid-19

Hi, I was preparing to pass JLPT N4 this summer but 2020 happened and the examination was cancelled. I thought that I could pass it in December but apparently it might be problematic as well, at least in my country.

Does anyone know if there is a European country that will hold JLPTs in December?
Thanks for any info.

For now there are several locations in Europe that have opened registration for the December test. Off the top of my head, I think Düseeldorf and Frankfurt, Bordeaux and Paris, Vienna, Dublin(?) are among those that have. Of course, they could always be forced to cancel again.

You can check the jlpt website for links to specific sites. Check those sites for the latest information, because the jlpt website might not be entirely up to date.

Have a look at the ~ JLPT 2020 ~ thread to keep track of any developments.


Hey, so I will take the N5 in December in Stuttgart. Seems like in Germany, they split the levels by location to satisfy the distancing regulations, so N5 and 4 are in Stuttgart, the others in Düsseldorf. So far it seems to take place but you never know of course, covid numbers are rising again after all. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Norway has opened registration for the first time ever. The exam will be held in Kongsvinger. https://hik.no/eventer/the-japanese-language-proficiency-test-jlpt/


It sounds like you are considering travel to EU for the test. While there are quite a few locations available there are travel restrictions even for moving within the EU.

Check for locations at the official jlpt website.

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In Spain, registration is to open from September 15th. Being probably the most affected country in Europe at the moment, we’ll see what finally happens. Hopefully with thorough distancing and safety measures, it won’t need to be cancelled. Safety first, though!

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As you may already know, London has been delayed to July 2021.
So don’t come here…


Yeah I know, it is a gamble at this point. Some countries are rising the restrictions. Some don’t. And ultimately we don’t know how it is going to develop.

Thanks Losh. At the moment Spain is off limits. Poland (where I live) wont accept the flights form there.

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Any luck finding location you can go from Poland and take the test?

Hi, I was considering Brno, because it is relatively close. However, in the Czech Republic the Covid19 situation it is getting out of hand recently so that might not be a good idea after all. :thinking:

I’ve just read info on their web page and it sounds promising. Applications didn’t start yet, it’s a matter of days. Of course we have to keep in mind the covid-19 situation, you never know when it could get worse… but some news say that complete lockdown is not an option :crossed_fingers:
I also checked Düseeldorf and they’ve reached limit of participants.

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