US JLPT 2021 Registration Issues

Hi everyone! Today I tried to register for the US JLPT N4 exam in Miami (since it won’t be held in NYC, I picked a “warmer” location haha). After I paid for it they said a confirmation e-mail couldn’t be sent…that’s fine. However when I checked my order, for some reason I got the N1 exam…in Washington DC! Completely wrong place and test! Did I screw up somehow? Against my better judgment I decided to pay for it…again…and this time I got the N1 in Los Angeles.

Then the entire website crashed so…

It said the site will be up next week. I know that they don’t provide refunds but it’s not my fault that I got a completely different location and test than what I selected! (If it was somehow registered as an N4 in either of these places I would do it, but no way am I going to try to take an N1 exam lol.)

I wonder if others ran into this issue in past years, and if so if they were able to get a refund? Total I paid $200 ($100 for each test), and all I want is $100 back and my test to be in the right location and at the right level…

Many other people also have this issue. You can also check out the JLPT 2021 thread, I’m sure someone will post once they find out more about the issue

Thank you! I hope it’s resolved soon…

They have updated the text on the website to the below, it sounds like they will fix this for everyone by email.

"JLPT registration will re-open Monday, August 30th

Due to high volume, we crashed. We will re-open Monday, August 30th at 9am
PDT. You won’t have to re-register when the registration system opens up next
week. We will fix and respond to every registrant’s questions and issues. We
can’t respond to phone calls. Thanks for your patience."

Thanks! I sent them an email earlier, I feel sorry for them having to reply to everyone…well I hope everyone can get a satisfying answer (including me lol)

Hi, did you get the email?

I tried to register for the exam in DC this morning but it seems the website crushed again…It kept reminding me.
I emailed them today but didn’t have any feedback…

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Hey! Yes, they did send me an email on Friday 8/27:

"This message is to confirm your registration for the 2021 Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) on December 5. You are registered for the following location and test level:

Location: Miami, FL
Level: N4

If this is not what you expected, please contact us immediately by replying to this email. If it is correct, you do not need to do anything. In a few weeks you will receive detailed information on the test schedule, how to get to the test site, and what to prepare.

We apologize for the confusion that took place when our registration website crashed shortly after it opened on Monday, August 23. If you registered more than once because of the problems that occurred as a result of the crash, you will be getting refunds for the duplicate payments that you made. The payments will be made to the credit card that you used. Please allow some time for the refund payments to be posted to your credit card.

Thank you for your patience. We look forward to seeing you on test day!"

Likely they will get to you by the end of the week. I was definitely biting my fingernails waiting for this message, haha.

Good luck!