Jlpt 2018! (Results are now online!)


Yay, it’s only the N5, but I feel really accomplished!!! :partying_face:

Now to go work on my listening… :sweat_smile:


Wow, thats quite crazy! JLPT N1 in only three years. Congratulations!!

Can I ask you, how much time you spent every day learning Japanese?


I also failed my first attempt. Try again, do not give up ! This time I passed and i am so excited about it.


Congratulations on passing!
Funny enough, I always thought I was better at listening but the results prove otherwise. This is when I realise the value of these exams in measuring your skills/progress.


Failed the N5, as I expected ^^‘ next time I will definitly pass


Got 47/25/58 (LN/R/L) with a 130 overall on N2. I underestimated the time limit, feels like next time I can do better. Went random on several reading tasks. I expected myself to do way worse with listening though. I barely kept up with it. Started my studies in may 2017 so that’s something. Hope someday that result will be of use other than boasting. Might try N1 later.
Congratulations to everyone who passed and good luck to those who didn’t or still aim higher.
Pro tip: don’t reread stuff or that timer will bite you hard. Can always return later if time allows (spoiler, it won’t).


Found out this morning I passed N5 and it has been a thorough boon on my studies, now that I have the N4 there as a goal for the end of the year. Considering all the help Wanikani has lended to me, I’ll be glad to see questions rife with kanji in future papers.

Congrats everybody on your scores!


Same boat, I was planning on taking N3 in December but I think I will have to aim for the N4 instead.



I spent a lot of time studying. I did wanikani for about 2 years and spent an hour or two a day on average, which greatly helped my kanji reading ability. Using my increased reading ability, I was able to test into extremely advanced courses at Nanzan University in Nagoya when I studied abroad in spring of 2018, which helped me get from N2 to N1.

Of course, I was studying grammar etc outside of wanikani as well in university classes. They weren’t particularly fast-moving most of the time, but they gave me an excuse to buy textbooks such as Tobira and Kanzen Master to study.


Congrats, everyone! I passed N5 although I wish my scores were better. Onward to N4 and hopefully higher scores this time around! :grin:


Welp, I’ve been away from the forums for a while now, but I’m glad to return with good news

Drum roll

I’ve passed the N3 on my second attempt!
OK, yeah, I barely passed, but hey, considering I had no time to study for the test whatsoever, I’m happy I did!

So, you think your 98 grade on the N3 was extreme? Behold!

Language Knowledge: 35/60
Reading: 29/60
Listening: 32/60
Total: 96/180

I’m particularly impressed with my Reading score since I ran out of time and guessed the entire section before the last one. I guess I was doing good on the first questions.

Anyways yay! Not sure if I will go for the N2 at the end of the year since the leap in contents is a big one for that one… Might as well try to get a better score on the N3


Looks like I missed a party here last night. Was considering staying up till late to find out the results but decided towards not dying at work today from lack of sleep.

Hey me from the past, guess what:

P.S. Sincere congratulations to anyone who was trying their luck last December. My JLPT journey was much more enjoyable thanks to WaniKani community, department of post JLPT trauma.


A sympathetic hug from me to you too, as we share the same character in our pictures. You will definitely do better next time! :blush:


hahaha, I call hacks!


I failed my first attempt by a small margin too. Don’t give up! You’ll totally get it next time


@Kyasurin @wunderbunny @Ntak15 @Krystian @carlostdev

Thanks for the hugs my friends. I will spend some time reflecting on my study strategies and be back for my revenge.


Likewise, I can go requote myself:

Take that, past selves!

(I still can’t believe I passed)


Same here, can’t believe I passed. And it’s not just impostor syndrome talking, I’m afraid.


A great friend of mine from Japanese classes in college just passed the N2 exam. I’m so happy for him.


I also could have done a lot better on my N3, but still passed. I’d say, though, that a pass is a pass. You now have N3 in your file and nothing can take that away. Better to challenge the N2 next time even if you think you aren’t ready for it. In other words, if you take the N3 again, it will add nothing to your qualifications, but if you take the N2, you might pass, and if not you’ll at least have a better idea what to aim for next time.

At least that’s the advice I’m giving myself.