Jlpt 2018! (Results are now online!)


I passed N5 so exited !!


I passed the N3!! :partying_face: I’m so happy, I thought I would fail. Here are my points:
Overall: 129/180
Vocabulary & grammar: 36/60
Reading: 33/60
Listening: 60/60


Impressive listening score! How do you practice?


I dont have my registration number at hand.
Does anyone know how to figure it out?
I know the last 5 digits but not the middle 7 digits that determine where you took the test.

I took N4 in Stuttgart germany


Keep studyng and you’ll get there! I got N3 at third try, and I alredy failed N2 four time in a row, but focusing you will improve and get there nonetheless!

PS-35 years old are the best! :+1:t2:


Stuttgart ist 6150201


Thanks a lot!!



After the test I was fairly confident… In the end I passed N5 with 81/180.
I hope you are all in awe of my huge success :smiley:
I already knew my weak point was reading since I left many questions unanswered because I had no time left to read them (and I choose not to check random answers for those because I didn’t want to pass by pure luck).

A for vocabulary was expected thank to WK but I didn’t expect the A in grammar for the simple reason that I left a third of the grammar questions unanswered. I have to guess that almost all the one I answered are correct then. But I feel like a usurper to have an A here.


Passed N4 with 112/180!!

Not a perfect score, but still a passing score. Hooray!


I passed N2 with a 90/180. I just squeaked by.


Passed the N5 with 107/180. Honestly, I expected a better score.
Whatever, time to study for the N4!!


Haha, you beat me by one point. Congratulations! You need to work on your listening, and I need to work on my reading. (I mean we both need to work on everything for the N2 in December, right?)

Seriously though, why does everyone hide their registration number? Is it somehow the key to discovering one’s real name, banking information, and Netflix password?


Vocabulary/Grammar: 34/60
Reading: 27/60
Listening: 34/60
Total: 95/180

Compared to last July’s results:
Vocabulary/Grammar: 28/60
Reading: 16/60
Listening: 32/60
Total: 76/180

Looking at some of the other scores on here, I still have a ways to go, but passing this test after failing it twice in Japan has me PUMPED. You all worked super hard! Whether you passed or not, don’t sit on your laurels; keep aiming for the next challenge! :muscle::grin:


I guess you could find out where they took the test (although that information might have been mentioned elsewhere). Or if you ever saw the certificate you could link the real name to the person. :woman_shrugging: Better safe than sorry.


I have no idea :woman_shrugging:

For the summer JLPT I didn’t hide mine and I have been living in fear ever since but no one showed up at my doorstep to rob me or anything. :wink:This time around I just did it because everyone else did it too.

I can’t imagine that this is sensitive information and I also don’t think that the JLPT regulations forbid you from sharing your result but maybe people are just being extra careful about their data (better too careful than not enough)


I don’t know if the registration number can be used to find anything out, but it is unique to me so it seems best to be careful


I don’t mind you having access to my bank account. Perhaps you could bring it from -xxx to 0 :smiley:


I failed the N3, but I didn’t expect to pass…I was literally finishing off the last 10 N3 lessons on Bunpro an hour before the test opened.

Before I decided to take the test my grammar was suuuuper weak (I basically spent a year (badly) learning kanji before I ever paid attention to it), so for me the looming JLPT date was basically just a motivation to focus on remedying that. I’ve made a lot of progress recently so I’d say it was worthwhile.


First of all, おめでとうございます to all the people who have passed.

To the one’s who unfortunately didn’t get enough points: Keep on going! 頑張って下さい!:pray:

I also passed the N5 exam ~

But I’m quite dissatisfied with the score. :persevere:
There has to be a lot of improvement…

The N4 in summer will be better!