Jlpt 2018! (Results are now online!)


I got about the score I expected. I had time to look over my answers after the first 2 sections. After checking my unsure answers after vocab I knew I only got 1 wrong. Also during the grammar section one term I was not too sure about (usage of 途中で outside of traffic context) came back a second time, so in review I was able to compare and get both right, I guess. Listening I fumbled a couple questions near the end, but I guess weighted in my favor.


As i thought 72/180@N4


Wow, perfect score! Well done! Were there answers you were unsure about after the test?


Something that just came to mind. The JLPT is really different to school tests in that you can’t ‘read the room’. School tests are made so that you finish provided you know your stuff, so if you finish and everyone else is still working it either means a) you understand it really well or b) (and most likely) you went too fast and skipped important points. If I finish a test in school and most people are still working I get a bit suspicious and go through looking for less obvious things. Where as in the JLPT so many people push themselves for certain levels, and the pass rate is so low, if you finish before everyone else you really have no idea if everyone noticed something you didn’t or are just genuinely struggling. Because of this you really have to rely on yourself and your judgement.

Thought that was something interesting :upside_down_face:


Holy shit, we got the EXACT. SAME. SCORE. on everything.


Thank you! Well, I knew that kanji will be fine, and after checking the words I knew that vocab will be also fine. I also felt confident with reading.
But when I was preparing for grammar, I took a mock exam, told myself “I nailed it this time” and then got like 10 wrong answers. So, I had no clue about grammar.
And the listening was really bad. I thought I messed it up, because I was still thinking about the previous one, and then the new one started etc… I guess the weighting was also helping me here.
(Because I believe this doesn’t mean that I answered everything perfectly…)


I can’t imagine a wrong answer not meaning at least one point off total score. I bet you got 100% correct!


97/180! You beat me! :smiley:

After the test is before the test! What have you learned?

There are unmarked, experimental questions as well.


Oh really? Good to know


Is this a freaking game for them? :joy:


Thank you! Now I can continue to believe that I indeed messed up some of the listening questions. :smiley:
I’m not really good at guessing so assuming that I guessed correctly every time I was not sure about the answer --> I should buy some Lotto tickets!


N5. I know N5 is not much of an achievement comparent to all you other people, but I am still so happy that I passed! Now I can finally not be doubtful of my own skill… I’m one of those people who need to be reassured of their skills. I can’t wait to study this year for N4 in December!


N5 exists for a reason! If there was no value in it, the JLPT would start testing at higher proficiency. Of course it is a good achievement! Congratulations!


Thank you for your kind words! I’ll keep doing my best!


I pick some sample test at youtube so I could practice before the actual test.


I didn’t feel that at all! I appreciate the concern :relaxed:


Well done! I just passed N5 too :slight_smile: I got 101/180. Interestingly, although I got 70/120 on Language Knowledge it still counts as AAA. You got a very high score in that section!


Did Not Pass N3 for the 3rd year in a row, and yet I am unswayed from my commitment. Since it’s a comprehension exam, it still gives me useful information about where to focus my efforts this year. My progress in Intermediate has been painfully slow, however, this is the year I have fully committed myself to 日本語 progression. If I cry now, it would be like a 1st grader crying that they’re not in 3rd grade. I just want to be a big kid :wink: (I’m 35 y.o.) but these things takes time.


I definitely thought I’d failed the listening, but I passed!