Jlpt 2018! (Results are now online!)


i love how punctual they are.


OH my GOSH, I passed. Not a good mark. But I was TOTALLY sure I failed. I’m shaking?
Was convinced I failed. Depression napped on train home. Collapsed on couch and wanted to quit.
But I actually passed.



I got 50/180 :sweat_smile: About what I expected. 30 in listening, though. Nice.


N3 results:

Language knowledge: 45/60
Reading: 60/60
Listening: 45/60

Overall: 150/180

Before the test I expected language knowledge to be a breeze but it was harder than expected. In the actual test I was destroyed by listening but the score makes it seem like I did quite well.



Okay, I passed N3. :sweat_smile:
Also I scored better than my N4 score from July 2018 (164/180).

But… WTF is that listening score?! I was 100% sure I made mistakes…:thinking:




I passed N2!!! I will be able to move to Japan in June!! :smiley: Now I gotta study harder to get ready to work! 21%20PM


Hey, what’d you do for reading? I suck at reading


Congrats! :grinning:


@charlesfm congratulations, I imagine this is a great feeling!

@Pimprenelle Awesome!! Must have been really nerve wrecking to depend on test results for something critical like that.

I’m very, very much not where you guys are at but for today I’m super happy that I passed N4 :slight_smile: :partying_face:


They normalise the results. If a lot of people miss one question then that question is worth less. They probably try new questions every time too, which don’t count for anything.


I mean, I just BARELY scraped by N4 (and I knew it was 50/50), but my god I’m so thankful because I was so lax about studying that the grammar and listening sections totally bowled me over. I’m reasonably sure my vocabulary score (and reading, since I’m a fairly fast reader) helped ride out my crappy grammar section. N3, here I come! But this time I’m preparing, like, way in advance - I’m already reviewing now instead of waiting literally in the last 2 weeks to do so.


It was indeed super stressful! I’m so happy I passed, which was very unexpected. It was my very first time taking a JLPT test and starting with N2 was not super easy but I made it!!
Congratulations for passing N4!! :smiley: you got all As!!



No, I don’t want to see…


Language knowledge: 100/120
Listening: 52/80
Total: 152/180
It may be only N5 but still I’m really happy. Now, onto N4 in June!
EDIT: forgot to blur registration number on screenshot, and I’m away from my PC so have a text instead


Vocab/Grammar - 41/60
Reading - 36/60
Listening - 25/60
Total - 102/180

Yet again I’ve passed by the skin of my teeth. I’m super happy, but I really want to better my listening because oof.

Gonna take the N2 in December but since I’m starting back to school in August I’m really not sure if I’ll be able to prepare enough. It’s worth a try, though!


I read a few adult level books and a lot of manga.




You know, I wish when I ask someone how they got good at reading just once they would not answer saying they read a lot.


20 extra levels of WK certainly helps.