Jlpt 2018! (Results are now online!)


What are you planning to do now that you passed it?

I’m still below N3 and I enjoy being able to take one test (N5, then N4, hopefully N3 in July) every 6 months to measure my progress. I was already wondering: if I managed to pass N3 and maybe at some point even N2 it would be impossible to move on to the next step within 6 months. I might consider retaking the same level one or two times just to get a better result before I move on to the next level just for the sake of still measuring progress. But maybe that is just my insanity talking.


I am scared of listening as well. I hope I passed it.

Btw, I never understood why passing marks increase for N3, drop again for N2 and then increase for N1.


In the same boat. I too took the N4 in December.
I hope we both did better than we think.

Two and a half hours to go!


I had to call the police to report the murder of the N3.

But to be fair, I had been ready since July. The summer JLPT was cancelled in Okinawa due to a typhoon so my bitter ass just kept reviewing the material until December.


I hope so too. So many people said the listening was difficult, I hope some scoring magic will save us.

Well… I guess no point in going to sleep now just for those 2.5 hours. I’ll just be tired tomorrow :woman_shrugging:

Nnnnnice! Congratulations!


Yeah, that’s the only chance of me not failing. I was so confident in the first section too (thanks WK).

Sleep well! Best of luck!


Good luck for the wait! Sadly I am the world’s most stupid idiot because I am currently traveling but forgot to take my registration number with me :tired_face: So I have to wait until Thursday evening to get my results.

Also, I was quite hyped to jump to N3 in July but by now I realized that I will not be able to manage that (the sheer amount of vocab is already too much for me…) So I decided to not follow this plan any more and instead enjoy life and read some Japanese books with the various book clubs :joy_cat:
Depending on my result for December’s N4 and some other factors I will consider writing N4 again in July. We’ll see …


I‘ll just go to bed now and check in about seven hours… I don’t remember whether the site was down when the results became available but I’ll be safe when checking 5 hours after :smile:
So good luck to everyone staying awake, hope you all did well :blush:


Nooooo, that is cruel! Did you not receive it via mail or anything? No excited pictures on the test day that could show your voucher?

Oh my :smiley:

You being all motivated for the N3 in July was partially what made me think about taking it too. Now I have almost 100% decided on taking it (except if I failed N4, then I’ll take that one again) although I’m also sure that I’m in way over my head. According to my spreadsheet that I made yesterday, I have to add 20 vocab cards to Anki every day, 3 Bunpro items, keep up with WaniKani and it is all way too much but I thought it would be fun to try and just hope for the best. Now you being all reasonable are making me doubt my “I knew I was doomed from the beginning but I wanted to try it anyway” plan. :wink:

Great idea. Funny that this was my original plan after being super stressed by the JLPT in December and now we switched. I like your plan better than mine.


I was super sure I had stored the number in my computer but apparently that was just an illusion. So at least I need not stay up until 2am :joy_cat:

Yes, I know :slight_smile: So I thought I’d at least let you know of my realization and change of plans…

Same here! Plus I will be in Japan (in language school) in May so I will be super-busy with studying for the school which might or might not overlap with the other stuff, but I will not be able to do anything extra (at least that was my experience when I was there last year). Plus I need to seriously study listening, and reading, and I need to learn to properly write until I go back to school (it was sooo embarrassing that I could not even properly write hiragana - this is not going to happen again). And so I figured that it will probably be better for me to strengthen the basics instead of rushing forward and knowing more without really knowing, if you know what I mean…

That was exactly my feeling too! And I tried, and I realized I am actually doomed with that plan…

Hehe :slight_smile: We can switch back again any time though … :wink:


Thanks for the heads up, I appreciate it. :slight_smile:
I was also in Japan for a month immediately before the last JLPT and that made it extra stressful so it makes a lot of sense to change your plan and focus on school instead. You’ll save yourself a lot of stress, smart choice :+1:

I would not be shocked. Let’s see what happens! :smiley:


What was your score? I’ve failed a few times but my score has improved a bit each time. Isnt the minimum 100?


87, if im not misunderstanding.


Failed but improved my score so I’ll try again in July and just focus on N3 for December since I have already been studying for it (could be why my brain feels like jelly…studying things that I know won’t be on the earlier test :wink: ) Congrats to the successful test takers here!


Ah man, I failed N2. Like not even by a little. I bombed the reading section (figures since I Christmas tree’d the last two readings). This was my first time taking the N2 but I’m worried because now I can’t put down “N2 proficiency” on my job applications. I’m going to a few career fairs in the next couple months. I have to make up for it with my speaking skills, but since I’m basically illiterate, I’m afraid that will hurt my chances. I can fake my proficiency since I speak pretty fluently, but I can’t fake like…not being able to read their application LOL.

I have one more chance in the summer in case some VISAs need N2, but that’s cutting it so close. The pressure is on :frowning:


The result is better than I expected, but… :partying_face:


I didn’t have N2 when I applied for jobs but I wrote on my resume that I was registered for it (I included the date). It actually helped me get my job!


@Ernovace Thanks ! I had completely forgot about this weird bump for N3 so I went to check again the jlpt website… and nearly got heart attack. Yes, the N3 passing mark is a weird 95 / 180 instead of 90 / 180 for N4 and N2… meaning that with 95 / 100 I passed the N3 right on the mark ! :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat: Lucky…


Haha, you survived!
What are your plans after this? N2 in July/December?