Jlpt 2018! (Results are now online!)


I’ll try the N2 in July ! I got lucky so far, always managing to move to new JLPT every 6 months, always barely passing by the thinnest razor edge possible… Hope the pattern continue for N2 :sweat_smile:

And congrats on N3. Amazing score !
About listening scores… It confirms that there is some shenanigan here. I wonder how they normalize the results. :thinking:


You know, when I ask how someone got to level 60 I wish that just once they would not say they went through all the levels.


Why is your listening so good? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
(Is that good for N1? I have no clue)


It’s 30/60, so I’d say it’s pretty good, especially considering I only got 50 total, haha. I attribute it to listening to Japanese podcasts since I started learning Japanese, even though I don’t understand it all.


Same. Let’s do our best for that as well. :grinning:


How else do you expect to get good at reading? :joy:
It’s almost like if I asked how you got so good at listening and you said you listen to a lot of… oh wait.




Through diligent effort slacking off!


I passed N2!!! I was really worried about about failing but it looks like I safely passed! I’m really happy :blush:

Going to shoot for N1 next year!


I passed N4 :relaxed:

Forgot to take a screenshot before closing out and now I can’t get the page to load again, but:

Vocab/Grammar/Reading - 78/120
Listening - 39/60
Total score - 117/180

Vocab - A
Grammar - A
Reading - A


Walking away from keyboard now…


Aaah, that’s really good! Here’s my N5


Aw, man :-/

But there is a looot of time still left to prepare until summer and you have a strong reason to do it. I’m sure you can pass in July. Good luck to you!


Aaaah, so close!!
sympathetic hug


I’m happy to pass considering that I knew I did poorly on the listening section, but the language knowledge score is lower than I expected, and this is only N5…


How did you evaluate that you were ready for the n1? Any practice material/tests that you took?


I took the JCAT in October and got a 320.
Other than that I did the practice tests in the back of shin kanzen master for 語彙, which I usually scored 50-75% on.


Got the same score :(…but hooray, still a pass!


Interesting that you did so well in that area yet only got 50-75% on the shinkanzen master tests. Ill keep that in mind. Thanks!


I think they were born Japanese and then got amnesia and forgot their past.