Jitai (字体): The font randomizer that fits

I suppose you could install them and verify them in Word or some other application before putting them into your Jitai script. That’d be the quickest. Otherwise, figuring out which font is which is all but impossible. (#learnfrommyfail)

I can definitely confirm this is very helpful. I only removed the melon and banana fonts from the batch I included. (font bundle link - Japanese fonts - Google Drive). I am noticing a lot of improvement with reading kanji in general. The first week or so was a little rough, being used to the default WK and textbook fonts and all, but it’s making a significant difference now, so I am happy for sure!

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if it was possible with a script to print a word with each of those fonts in Word and then we could choose which one to install would be rgeat

I will try to find a way

So, I found half a way… Before adding fonts to the Jitai script, go to https://wordmark.it/. It will take any text you give it and render it in every font you have installed (I only tried this on Windows, though). Then you can scroll through and select ones you want/don’t want and filter them to get a nice list before including them in Jitai.

Still have to install them on your computer first, but it’s a start.

Protip: Include a couple of characters known to differ between kanji and hanzi in your sample text to make sure it’s a Japanese font, or you might find subtle differences that will just confuse later.


so when you say “before including them in Jitai.”

I have installed for example a font called Eriji, I didn’t like it, so in order to not appear in jitai do I have to do something on script settings or do I have to uninstall it on control panel fonts?

To have Jitai use the font, you have to add it to the script at the top. But finding a font you don’t like while doing reviews is frustrating, because there’s no way to tell which font it is without adding debugging or something to the script.

So I have, in the past, checked each font one by one by installing it and using it in Word or Notepad or something on sample text before adding it to my Jitai script. That process is really tedious, though. So I looked for a way to speed it up. With the website above, you can install a bunch of potential fonts, review them all in one go, and add only the ones you like to Jitai.

Even better would be a way to check the font on sample text without first installing it on my computer, but the only resources I found for doing that were freeware that looked more than a little sketchy.

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so in jitai settings, this part of the code which says:

// Add your fonts here!

I add here the name of the font for example