JAPN 111 final presentation

Hello all,

I am including a PowerPoint presentation here. This presentation is the culmination of 8 weeks of JAPN 111 Elementary Japanese. I’d like to say that I am proud of the project, however I started and finished the assignment quite late. As a result, my speach/pronunciaitons are not a spot on as I would have liked. I believe this still may be A-/B+ work here.

I learned a lot from this class. My prior knowledge of Japanese before the class started was very limited. I learned all level 3 kanji and vocabulary from WaniKani and how to read and write hiragana and katakana. So, zero grammar knowledge.

With all that said, I am still far from being fluent in Japanese; however, I am now one step closer.

Oh, I’m taking JAPN 112 Elementary Japanese II in 2 weeks. Exciting times.

If you go through the entire presentation and note a few corrections please share them with me. Sorry there is no kanji included because of the class level. JAPN 112 incorporates kanji, so I’m looking forward to that.

You may be wondering, “where is the presentation?” Well I typed this entire message, and I just realized that .ppt can’t be uploaded here. RIP.


It’s a little overkill but you could try to base64-URL encode the ppt as a link

Btw, JAPN 111 it’s like a college course or something?

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You could also upload it to something like Google Drive or another such site and then post the link here. But regardless, congrats on making it through the first level (quarter?) of Japanese! (I’m counting it as finished at this point because I’m sure you’ll do just fine :blush:) Best of luck in JAPN 112!


Awww I’ve been enjoying seeing your content!! Maybe a google doc with preview access? Idk technology lol
If your cat is mentioned again I give you an A++


I had a lot of fun following along with your class, and hope you keep posting with the next one! It loses the effects, but you can always just post screenshots of your slides?


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