Genki 1 & 2 Grammar Posters

Found this on Imgur:

Genki 1 & 2 Grammar Posters

Very handy for those going through the books, mind you I haven’t actually had a good read of them yet, so I’m assuming they are accurate.

They also have pretty cool artwork, could be a good idea to have them cycling through as desktop backgrounds while you are studying these books. ^ _ ^

In case anyone (probably new to studying Japanese) hasn’t seen these before I’ll also include these:

Japanese Grammar Cheat Sheets

Japanese Sentence Structure Cheat Sheet

As they are a similar concept.

Cheers! ^ _ ^

(I have basically turned this thread into a tracker for my levels, but figured if I’m bumping something, might as well have something useful for others with it)


This is lovely, thanks for sharing! :smiley:


Thank you for these :v:


Thank you for sharing!
I really need to work on my grammar, so this is useful!


Here’s another one from Wikipedia. I actually printed it onto a poster!


Yeah I was aware of that one, but I heard some people had problems with it, though I can’t remember what they were.

I’m not good enough at Japanese Verbing to really make an educated assessment.
Any ideas why they may not have liked it?


Anyone else use the Verb poster that @Kwami posted?

These are awesome, thanks!

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No worries! ^ _ ^

I forgot I had posted these. I’ve been trying to find them on my comp!
Too bad I can’t like my previous me. @_@

I do wish they had citations that would give the pages that each point is located on though.

Edit: Posting this in case my future future self forgets about this one:

And note to future self: You are currently level 03 at the time of this posting, yet again, after resetting your account, yet again.
Now stick with it this time before I have to divert brain power away from learning Japanese and towards mastering time and space so I can draw others versions of myself from alternate realities and kick your ass like Jet Li from The One! oO!


Go you from 22 days ago!

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^ _ ^

Well haven’t reset yet.
Level 20 at the time of this posting and still going strong.
Looks intently at future me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
You better be like at least 25 next time you read this…


Thanks for these. I’m on Genki Chapter 3 right now and I’m struggling :frowning: It’s so hard! But I know i"ll crack it eventually.


No worries!

Did they help any? How’s your progress?

I was 25 the next time I read it!

But it looks like I’m going to be stuck here for awhile…

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3 months later and I’m still 25…

I am working on it though…

(. _ . )

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looks at level

Le Sigh…

Self Note:
Last post was when I reset to 1
This post was at level 5

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Think of it as strengthening your foundation in a light/web novel Aikibujin san :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: