Japanisation Classroom new thread!

Hello, this is the new thread for the Japanisation classroom !
The project is to find people who are more and less the same lvl or have started WK at the same time, too compare, help, and encourage each other in our Japanese/wanikani study.

Most of people started WK in late 2016/early 2017 but you can off course join whatever your starting date is, i can recommend you to consult the members list to see if you find some people close to your current lvl or starting date.

The members list and other stuff is available on [this google docs.] (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8PgiT126DkSRWVGS3FtYnhYa1k?usp=sharinghttp://) (you don’t need a google account.) You can find some interesting stats to compare your progress with others on the member list spreadsheet.

Don’t hesitate to share here your lvl up and other celebration =) but if you want to chat with people, we have a discord servers here : WkClass


We are back!!!

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level up : level 9 !

congrats =) 2 digits lvl soon ;D

People should post a little bit more here instead of procrastinating in the Discord chat.


I don’t go on discord anymore , I’ll only post here

I think so, too. At least Discourse is much better suited for discussion than the previous forum was. “Discourse” also sounds quite similar to “Discord” somehow – maybe for a reason … :smile:

Hello !
Some of you know already that the origin off this classroom was a thread where i was celebrating my 1000th item unlock in WK.
So today is a bit of a special day to me because i just leveled up to 13 so happy to gain one more lvl and I just unlocked my 2000th items !!
Harder to keep this fast pace now that i’m in the painful lvl but so far i can still manage to do it, even if i think their is good chance i’ll be slowing down a bit soon haha.
Keep up the good work everybody !


Hello all!

I just signed up today. Today marks the beginning of my journey into the “Painful” levels, as I leveled up to 11 today!

I have gone through trials and tribulations by beginning WK on a business trip in Japan, falling asleep doing my reviews, and trying to convince myself I’m not crazy for the stories I invent for Kanji. However, I have yet to miss one day of zeroing my reviews (always a great feeling).


i update the spreadsheet to put your name in the right place, people are put in orders of their starting date, so don’t worry if you don’t see your name at the end of the list :smiley:

Welcome in the painfull levels =) lets suffer all together !

Where do you get #unlocked, unlocks per day, and last update?

Seems like the number of people that have joined are very few… and only two close in level to me.

the number of unlock is just your apprentice+guru+master etc, the unlock per day is calculate based on your starting date and your total unlock. and the last update is the last time someone update your numbers. i update myself all the spreadsheet ~one a week but some people update their numbers themselves.

And yeah, not much of lvl 20+, your high lvl compare to most of us. ^^
You’re still welcome of course if you want, but the average is lvl 10-12 for now if i estimate based on the people who are active on the discord.

i update the spreadsheet so people are on it in starting date order. (if you take a break from wk, you can change your starting date for something who reflect better your actual progress speed)

Welcome to you =)

Yeah, I took a 1 year break from WaniKani AND I reset my level from 30 to 20. So my start date should probably be more like April 31st, 2016 to accurately represent both the break and the level reset (for the purposes of calculating unlocks/day). With one of the stats site, I had it ignore two levels (one where I was in the hospital, and the other that was my WaniKani break/vacation mode) in order to get a more accurate average-days-to-level-up thingy.

Anywho, since Drago advertised this thread in mine, I hope it’s okay to advertise mine in here. It doesn’t have responses yet, but we did something like this in 2015ish and it did really well?
Maybe we could have it be people levels 20+ to cover those who don’t quite “fit in” here, but I’d rather it be all levels.
Even level 60s could make friends with each other and post-60 study together.


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Maybe the 2015 thread you’re talking about is still somewhere in the archive of the forums ?
but i guess you have probably search for it already.

hope you’ll find people with the same lvl as you here or in your other thread. Some people on the discord are not high lvl in wanikani but have already a good foundation of Japanese knowledge/grammar. so even if they aren’t as high lvl as you maybe they are close to you in term of global Japanese. (we call them the grammar masters) (i’m not one of them ofc, i’m just a beginner.)
If this thread help you find some people close of your lvl by any way, i’ll be happy :blush: so go for advertising ! :dango::smiley:

I updated the spreadsheet with your new starting date.

See, I totally need to upgrade my total Japanese. I mean I practice some reading, writing, and translating, but I definitely need to work on non-WaniKani overall vocabulary and grammar tons!

Me too! I’m struggling to find that balance right now. I just got back from a business trip in Korea (but with Japanese co-workers) and I found that my Japanese was abounding in odd vocab and no way to apply it. I’m talking I knew how to say things such as "虫です。” and ”和食が大好きです。”, but I couldn’t do much else.:joy:

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level 9 – yay

Average Level-up:13 days, 20 hours





64 lessons to do

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Congrats Foxington ! painfull lvl are not far away :smiley: keep it up !

Finally found the new thread ^___^

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The new thread is really かっこいい