[Unmaintained] Active Japanization Classroom (AJC)

I would like to revive what we started in this thread with @Prozar and which continued on in that thread. Let me present the brand new and revised “Active Japanization Classroom”!

What’s different this time? Here’s a list:

  • The spreadsheet for comparison will only include active members with level greater than 3
  • The spreadsheet is part of a website which updates automatically every hour
  • This thread now has rules on what to post in here and what not to
  • There’s no other place to continue discussions (like a Discord server)

What this thread is intended to be:

  • A discussion about everything related to the spreadsheet – feel free to ask questions
  • A self-celebration thread where members can post their successes – read how important this is here

What it should not become (again):

  • A congratulations thread where people just post to congratulate others – use the Like-Button instead
  • A thread to collect tools and sites to become faster – there are enough other threads for that

Here’s what the spreadsheet is about:

  • It allows you to compare your speed roughly to others who started at about the same time
  • It shows your number of total items unlocked (by the way, there are about 8,800 in total on WaniKani)
  • You can see how your speed changes by updating your numbers yourself every day after studying

And finally, here’s the link to the new spreadsheet website:

I hope this will help to keep us all motivated! :sunny:


Out of curiosity, does anybody have any theories as to why, among the people in the spreadsheet when sorted on a given parameter, the number of unlocked items suddenly jumps from 5,000 to over 8,000 but the number of burned items increases more smoothly, if quickly?

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Sorry, I don‘t understand the question. :sweat_smile:

What I’m saying is that netpapa, PaleFire, Dimono and DMK22 are all above 7,000 Unlocked items but no one else is even above 5,000 Unlocked items. I couldn’t figure out an explanation for why the number of Unlocked items is skewed like this.

I had a look at the other threads and see this was created for 2016 joiners, originally. Are you taking new members? :blush: If so, I’m interested!

Maybe it has something to do with the high levels being faster? (3.5 days instead of 7 days) Just a guess.

Yes for sure, the Active Japanization Classroom is open for everybody above level 3!
I’ve just added you to the list. ようこそ!Feel free to add your native language(s) to the sheet.

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May I be added too?
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Sure, just added you, too. Same true for you, feel free to add your native language(s) to the file. ようこそ!

@Dschee, me too, please!

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You were just added, BlueberryPear-さん. ようこそ!

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This looks nice :open_mouth: Can you put me in there, too? And please set my start date to 8th Jan. 2018. My account is like 2 years old but I didn’t start doing things until the start of the year

That spread sheet is a lot of numbers and reading and it hurts to even think about picking it apart- but I get that the idea is to compare speed in regards to leveling up in Wanikani. What bothers me about this topic is that WK is sold on the idea that you get through the core program in roughly a year and a half.

Problem is, It’s been 13 months since I signed up, I do my flashcards pretty consistently, and I’m only on level 20. It doesn’t quite add up that I’d get to level 50 in the remaining 5 months, even if things have sped up a bit in the past few months. Especially considering that the first 10 levels was stuff I’ve already memorized, and even through to level 20 there’s words here and there I’ve long since known.

Where did the creators get the numbers to say with confidence one gets through the program in roughly 18 months? Or rather, what is it that people who reach 50 in 18 months are doing that others like myself are not? I know I get cards wrong because of typo’s A LOT, it’s probably the biggest reason I get cards wrong (and a good reason WK is as rage inducing as it is), but I wouldn’t think typo-misses would stunt my leveling up that horribly.

I’m curious if anyone else is having the same conundrum, and I’m curious if any WK alumni can attest to the 18 month sales pitch. This… is what this thread is about, right? ^^;

It’s definitely possible if you always do your lessons as soon as they pop up and always get higher than 90% accuracy in reviews. Doing that ensures that you unlock the next level in the fastest possible time since you need to guru 90% of the kanji of the previous level.

I’m currently slightly below 8 days per level. 8 days x 60 levels = 480 days which is less than a year and a half. That’s not even the fastest speed. The fastest level up speed per level is slightly below 7 days. The last I think 10 levels are even faster at slightly below 4 days.

I started last June and if all goes well, I’ll finish WK in 1 year and 1 week. I could push and still achieve the 1 year mark for the lolz.

What dictates your leveling up are the radicals and the kanji, so the trick is to do the radicals’ lessons as soon as you level up and do the 1st batch of kanji during the first 3 days and 10h (if you follow the SRS intervals, it takes 3d10h to guru a item). The 2nd batch can be made in the next 3d and 10h, giving a total of 6d20h per level. A lot of people going fast are doing 7 day levels (but it’s totally okay to go slower). I wrote a Guide on how to do this with a better explanation in here.

This can be fixed with the override script.

Just added you with the requested start date, shiza-さん。Welcome to the classroom and good luck!

Add me up! You can set Jan 1st 2018 as my start date, I signed up last year but wasn’t an active user until this year.

Sign me up too! Started 10/10/17. Native language English!

Just added both of you, @Deckard-さん and @anon94449000-さん. ようこそ!

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Can you add me too please!