Japanese Subtitles for Movies and JDramas?

As the title suggests, does anyone know of a site that offers Japanese subtitles for JDramas and (mostly live-action) Movies? I am aware of http://jpsubbers.web44.net/Japanese-Subtitles/ but they only do JDramas from what I see.


Japanese netflix has quite a lot of things with Japanese subtitles, live-action movies included, if you can manage to get access to it.

コトノハさん has a hearing impaired friend and made a list of things to recommend their friend which contains quite an extensive list of Jdramas and movies.

If you’re also after anime movies, there’s also this list from the same site, which seems to get updated more frequently which contains both anime movies and series.

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Good site, still very few episodes for every show. Will keep it under my radar. :+1:

For shows.

  • http://www.d-addicts.com/forums/
    Best fansubs for dramas

  • http://www.dramanote.com/
    If you’re lucky enough the full transcript of your favorite show could be here ( I’m watching currently One Litre of Tears following this scripts :yum: )

  • http://www.nihongonobaka.com/
    This guy went through the painstaking endeavour of ripping subs from Netflix. It was a succes in the end*. Has shared the subs from shows in US netflix in the website and you can use his method for JP Netflix as well.

PS: (*) the aplication he compiled also allows you to make text subs from those movies that use image files as subs for japanese. That little feature has been a big plus when “encountering” some old movie with Jsubs :wink:

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Thank you all for your answers! I should have made it more clear in the OP that I’m look for resources that at least specialize in Japanese Subtitles for Japanese Movies (live-action ones especially). The resources I’ve found online and the ones mentioned in the posts here really just help with dramas, but I’m really looking for movie subs.

Sorry for not making it more clear earlier.

Ohh… well, there’s this one for movies too :+1: (somewhat limited thus far, but still a nice resource)

- Proyect Modelino

:exploding_head::exploding_head: … I totally missed the folders inside this website the first time I saw it… it’s like… everything!!! all shows since 2009!! Going right to my favorites!

Some re-sync it’s in order most likely, but just having the subs, it’s a great start.

I’ve found this. It’s the same, but made for an easy download.

That looks suspiciously like an illegal site, and is on the list of blocked sites within the UK at least. If that’s the case please take it down as sharing illegal ways to access copyrighted material is against the community guidelines.

Edit: @CyrusS This person made an account half an hour before posting this one spammy link to an illegal site, and still hasn’t taken it down, so if this post is still here by the time you get to work on Monday…

(assuming you’re not on holiday atm, in which case I hope you’re having a fabulous time)


Thanks @Radish8. Nope, I’m not on holiday, and I’ve removed the post. Cheers :slight_smile:


Next question is: there to find videos for this subs? :sweat_smile:

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